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When the foundations of any relationship are built on a connection with each other, both internally and externally, everything flows.

Let’s share with you what happens behind the scenes at TeamJobs and the industries that the teams specialise within. We spent some time with the commercial team and how they look at the world of recruitment.

Joining the discussion are some of the team members, Helen Purbrick (Senior Commercial Consultant), Becky Russell (Commercial Recruitment Consultant) and Becca Milliner (Commercial Recruitment Consultant).

Let’s start with a definition. When it comes to Commercial recruitment, this represents a wide range of office based roles. From IT, to office administration, to customer service and management roles, it represents the heartbeat for many UK businesses. You can have a look at the latest roles that are from the commercial team.


What Does It Take?

What makes a resolute Commercial consultant?

Whilst the team appreciate the broader skills of resilience, listening, honesty and developing relationships, there is one thing when it comes to differentiating from a crowded marketplace. Becky highlighted “A strong commercial recruitment consultant has to know the marketplace.”

“If you can build a strong candidate base as well as being tuned into what is happening within business, this can put a company in a different space. For instance, we pass candidates across our other sectors (Engineering, Hospitality, Industrial and Executive search) and let the team members know of the calibre of others that can have a fit for their side. Whilst we have responsibilities for the sectors we represent, we all sit under the one brand and have a responsibility for each other and clients that are looking for the right people.”

Specialism is becoming a key trait. For each of the TeamJobs divisions, whilst market knowledge takes the lead, developing niches is where teams get stronger and clients and candidates receive a level of service they trust.


The Industry Today

Within the commercial space, how have the team seen the marketplace change over the past year or so?

Helen has noticed a change and highlighted “A number of businesses are increasingly using temporary staff. Flexibility and speed is becoming more important.”

“Clients may not have the budget to commit to permanent staff so it becomes a strategic move to initially start with temporary roles, that eventually becomes more fixed. The calibre of candidate is out there, it is just about the right fit within a business.”

Becky continued “On the candidate side, the temp route is also becoming a defined choice. We can potentially help someone have a job the very next day. We talked recently about having a job that is good for life, not a job for life in a previous discussion, we are certainly seeing that from a recruitment perspective. Flexibility on both the client and candidate side is going to be even more apparent as we head to 2020.”


Where Is The Reward As A Commercial Recruiter?

Whilst there is an acknowledgement that hitting targets helps peace of mind and stability, achieving goals and commission becomes a by product of helping other people.

Helen commented “When someone says ‘thank you,’ it means a lot. When you take a step back you are helping people develop their careers or become an additional arm of a business and not just regarded as a supplier. It all comes from understanding someone else’s business, as well as the individuals that we all represent.”

Helen continued with an example “A former candidate had decided to make that step to set up their own business. That person has now taken the role as a business owner and we have helped supply temporary staff to his business. The owner said to me, ‘if it wasn’t for us supporting his career, he wouldn’t have set up his business.’ It is comments such as that, that explains why we do what we do.”

“It is not all about figures, it is about helping others accomplish their goals.”

The development of relationships is something that was observed by Becca “I have been with TeamJobs for nearly one year. I came to the company from a well known international recruitment brand. In a way it was faceless, people sent their CVs and I matched people to jobs. However, nothing was personal. Candidates were more of a number and effectively a commodity. Within the environment I am now part of the emphasis on deeper relationships is encouraged. I see this everyday within the Commercial team.


Advice For Recruiters?

It is a well known question that we ask ourselves, should employers recruit for skills or a cultural fit. Is there a collective response from the Commercial team?

Becca highlighted “It really does depend. When it comes to sales or account management type roles, then cultural fit can take precedence. Alternatively, when recruiting for finance or industrial based roles, you have to have the skills to compliment a culture.”

“I specialise within finance” stated Becky “By focusing on a niche, we can help make tuned in judgements. This is why we work closely with clients, so we can make more informed decisions on their culture and which candidates would fit in. If the candidates has the skillsets, we can help make a judgement to whether a fit can be seamless.”


Let’s Bring To A Close

The role of the Commercial recruitment team goes beyond putting people in jobs. We have seen candidates become clients and clients utilise our knowledge to help make informed decisions.

This is how you create a strong network, where the attention is put on the relationships that are developed.

There is strength in specialising within the Commercial marketplace. If you can provide a viewpoint and nurture talent, then you can direct the conversation. Everyone has a sense of responsibility within the business and those who meet every member of the team.


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