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The career paths we are all on is full of twists and turns, we should embrace the squiggle.

According to the Association of Accounting Technicians, there will be six different job roles for the typical Briton from the moment they start work, spanning across six different companies.

When moving from one job to another, they will partake in ten job interviews - where one in ten will go through the interview process over 25 times.

With our ongoing monthly discussion, the TeamJobs team got together to discuss riding the employment wave. Our consultancy team members included: Lauren Harris, Technical Consultant; Yasmin Cottrell, Industrial Consultant; Helen Purbrick, Senior Commercial Consultant and Becky Russell, Commercial Recruitment Consultant.

The Priorities

The world of recruitment in 2018 represents a very candidate driven market. Candidates are looking to progress and are nimble. The roles people have is varied. When it comes to the next decision role for a candidate, is it driven by money or ambition?

From experience the team looked at money and ambition as the main drivers for candidates. Yasmin explained

“People may start with a focus on salary but as they become settled within their job, progression and developing skillsets can take centre stage.”

Yasmin continued

“A number of candidates may initially take a role that has a night shift element to it but over time look to a better work/life balance that may be on a lower pay.”

According to the CIPD, recent UK Working Lives survey some of the ‘best’ jobs have the ‘worst’ work-life balance, such as senior managers. They work more hours than they wish and are most likely to find work clashing with other aspects of their lives.

It is these triggers for why people move. Becky highlighted

“In my experience, within the commercial division a lifespan of a job for two to three years is not uncommon. When I ask why people leave it is a blend of progression, pay, being valued and developing stronger skillsets.”

“People move jobs to remain motivated. Having access to a recruitment consultant provides direction. Recognition is a huge drive. Understanding the person on the inside is very important today.”

 Helen said

“The reason people feel more confident to change jobs is that there is a support network such as TeamJobs to readily assist.”

Finding Support For The Journey

By having a recruitment consultancy to advise and support, the best way to make that next step a successful one is to approach the whole process with motivation and drive. Helen continued

“The relationship has to be reciprocal, it can’t be ‘find me a job.’ As a consultant you can recognise the people that want to do well. The whole process is driven by interaction, feedback and energy. People want to feel they matter and it is up to us to be open and honest.”

When it comes to embracing the employment twists and turns and remaining relevant, what advice would the consultant team give to nurture continually strong candidates?

Yasmin gave her perspective

“Even if someone may have been out of work for a few months, there has to be a reason to be committed, no matter how tough times may be. If we are opening the lid on the world or recruitment, when there is a gap on a CV, clients will ask questions. They ask us why people leave roles, or a pattern of roles where tenure is less than two years.”

 Lauren highlighted the importance of finding the right company that fits your career journey.

“I believe that it is not about climbing the corporate ladder as quickly as possible. For instance, if you are starting out on a new career path, you can’t demand a £35k+ salary. It is our role to be honest with people.”

Embracing the squiggle is something that the team has knowledge and experience of. Yasmin is a good case study.

“I have been part of the team for five years. I started as a temporary Receptionist. I was offered a permanent role and moved from reception to the marketing recruitment team. I then moved to the role of Industrial resources and now Industrial Consultant. My career so far, represents the skewed nature of the different skillsets that we all nurture.”

The Role We Play

It is safe to say that the job for life does not exist. The recruitment consultancy provides a filter for understanding markets and trends, as well as guiding others for where they need to go.

It becomes easier to make that decision to progress a career when there is the infrastructure, people and network to provide support. We all meander and move jobs but that is ok.

The process becomes much more rewarding when you learn what engages you and develop both personally and professionally.

There are people to keep you on track, provide honesty and give direction. Where we are today the stakes have changed, people want a job that is good for their life, not a job for life.

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