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How important is a bigger salary and an impressive job title?

They are nice to have but might not always bring you happiness. The culture and atmosphere of a workplace can make a much bigger difference to whether an employee will want to stay.

“We’re very good at matching. I’m a matcher, culturally” says TeamJobs’ Commercial Recruitment Consultant Fallon Petford.

“You could offer somebody an extra £5k but culturally it won’t work. They will be out within six months and do you really want that on your record that you have done that for someone?”

Job titles can be important on a practical level but it’s not everything.

“I think it’s a worldwide business problem, because in my previous role you couldn’t get into a client meeting if you do not have a director title” says Fallon.

“Some of the bigger clients wouldn’t see me. You could be the right person, but you just don’t have that title.

“So, I think title is important, but it shouldn’t be the be-all and end-all.”

Money, Titles & Happiness: TeamJobs People’s Own Experience

TeamJobs Technical Consultant Lawrence Willmott has chased higher salaries and impressive job titles in the past.

“In the early days of my career, seeing how everybody was developing around me, it was all about getting that status by owning your market and having the biggest market share."

“I had always chased it and had a couple of opportunities but eventually it just made me miserable.”

He relocated to Poole from Hampshire to join TeamJobs. "For me it was about finding something that was special and something I can be a big part of, so all my experiences and skill set would be an addition to the success of the business,” he says.

“It was about having the happiness of a lifestyle, not having the expensive car, the high salary, the title within a company that I didn’t believe in.”

He was impressed by the business’s leadership, under Managing Director, Jason Gault.

"I have to take my hat off to Jason. Companies I have been with in the past are wishy-washy, but Jason gets involved and we have that organisation at our morning meetings. ‘What have you done yesterday? What are your struggles? What are your commitments for today?’ It is having that focus and that determination to go again and again.

“I think if you have leaders that are doing that instead of delegating it, you want to run through walls for them.”

Similar to Lawrence, Commercial Consultant Hannah Kemp moved from another recruitment business, impressed by the culture at TeamJobs.

“I wanted somewhere where I wasn’t clock-watching and where I was proud of going to work on Monday,” she says.

“I felt like a number,” she says of previous jobs. “Directors did not know you from Adam, whereas TeamJobs, I feel really respected.”

Fallon Petford agrees. “I knew from the team dynamics and how management interacted with the team that I had made the right move’’  

How Do You Find The Workplace Where You Will Be Happy?

Finding the employer with that happy workplace culture can be tricky. But Fallon has some tips.

“Have a look on LinkedIn at a company. Look at who’s there, how long they’ve been there and how many people have left a company within a short period of time,” she says.

“That will tell you straight away if it’s a good company or not.  It’s as simple as that. You can see if people have joined and left within six months or a year.

“If you look at a company website, they can be shouting about how fantastic they are and they treat their staff brilliantly. However, it does not tell you anything about them, so LinkedIn is crucial for me. Also ask the right questions in the interview or to the recruitment agent and understanding how they work, how the structure is, how big is the team.

“And if progression is something that you want, have people already had it? Can you see there’s a professional path or has somebody been in the same role for five years?”

Finding The Balance

Judge it right and the match of employer and candidate can be a happy one.

Hannah tells how she has seen TeamJobs expand. “More consultants are coming on board, and the leadership from each manager is fantastic.

“Every morning there are meetings, people get set their goals for the day and every day they wrap up.”

Lawrence, who once had the title of Sales Director for another recruitment company, says: “I had the job title and that doesn’t weigh up against my happiness and what I feel now.

“I'm doing a Consultant’s role now and I'm probably the happiest I have been for a long, long time.”

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