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Candidates within the world of digital marketing stand a greater chance of success when they specialise.

This is according to Andy Headington, CEO of Bournemouth based digital agency Adido. A stalwart within the Dorset digital scene since 2003.

TeamJobs recently helped two candidates find permanent roles within the company when our Commercial Consultant Fadi Jawish placed two new Account Managers.

The Skills Or Attitude?

It is an ongoing conversation within TeamJobs on whether companies should recruit for skills or attitude. It is time to ask a recruiter for their perspective. Andy commented “For this particular role, we wanted the right person to jump into the role and hit the ground running and be a part of the team.”

“In an ideal world, you find the most suited person and then skill them up. As a minimum for our team, we require good core skillsets. To train people that do not have the know-how, the biggest investment then becomes time. Does a company have two to three months to invest in the development of someone else? For instance, we interviewed a fantastic Account Manager who had many years of experience but was not necessarily tuned-in to what is happening in our marketplace.”

“You can be the most energetic, enthused and willing candidate but if someone else comes in with solid knowledge of the digital industry and the role they play within it then they are in a far healthier place to be selected.”

A Change On The Horizon

The need for candidates to specialise in certain areas reflects the changing dynamic of the digital marketplace over the past few years. There is a definite shift that is happening.

According to The Guardian, there are around 400 digital agencies that are based within Dorset. One noted change that Andy highlighted over the past few years are companies taking digital capabilities in-house. “We see it very much within the local area. Brand such as Lush and LV= are effectively becoming their own agencies. Even Lush launched their own TV channel.”

Disruption is happening in front of us all. According to a study of 4,198 marketing professionals by Adobe and Econsultancy, more advertisers planned on bringing content production in-house during 2018.

Andy continued, “Companies take on the attitude where they believe that they do not need a digital agency and can do everything themselves. This is where we are heading, we all need to adapt. There is a huge role for agencies such as ours to play a part. The in-house agency cannot do everything. If your world evolves around one brand night and day, then you get stale.”

Those Who Adapt

The companies who learn and adapt look like the businesses who will be here for the long term. This is something that Adido have done for 15 years. How does Andy look at his business today to what it was a few years ago? Andy regarded his company had taken on the role of ‘generalist marketers.’ There was a pivotal moment he explains, “We had a client who told us everything they were doing, they were effectively teaching us.”

This led to a change of dynamic for Adido. “Today, we are a team of specialist digital marketers in paid search, technical SEO and paid social media.”

“When hiring, we look for definite skills.”

Advice For Candidates

What advice would Andy give to candidates looking to progress their career within a digital agency environment? It looks like the reward is there for the candidates who can go niche. “Candidates who become smarter at specific areas such as social, search and content become more attractive to recruiters as they can go deeper.”

“Whilst we are seeing change, there is a definite opportunity. For instance, where we operate, in the centre of Bournemouth the geography is quite small, but it encourages an active community to develop. It is a fantastic place to participate and feel a part of something.”

The Round Up

Adido represents the challenge and opportunity for many businesses and TeamJobs clients. When a company builds their knowledge and takes on board a consultative approach, they can become a trusted choice within their marketplace. A company that becomes more consultative and work in partnership with their clients can bypass the threats from the competition and ensure success for those they work with.

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