2022 Recruitment Challenges

2022 Recruitment Challenges

Getting stuck into the new year presents ambition and a wishlist for everyone. Let’s share these with you.

According to Monster’s 2022 Future Of Work report finding qualified candidates represents the most likely challenge for this year. What about from a recruiter's perspective? What are their challenges for 2022? Let’s share some of those with you.

Jaime Rana, Senior Recruitment Consultant, highlights the wish for candidates to have flexibility and employers facing issues with the wholesale shift to flexible working. “The market I work within, people want flexibility in their jobs, but some employers are just not as open. There is still room for improvement, but if an employer is putting the systems and technical processes for home working lower down the priority list, it means that the ability to attract the calibre of talent that they want, may not be there.” 

Lucy Eaton, National Industrial Division Manager, sees balance as a challenge that needs to be managed. “It’s a two-sided coin. For instance, we were busy at the end of the year and seasonal clients demanded a high volume of staff. However, for many temp workers when the demand stops after Christmas, the roles may not be as plentiful. Thankfully we have a strong pool of clients where vacancies become available, but it’s all around how you can strike a balance so the well never becomes dry. ”

The ability to nurture trust and to get people on your side is something that presents a challenge and opportunity for Kimberley Best, Recruitment Consultant. Kimberley says, “I want clients to be comfortable and work in unison with them. For instance, momentum is important. It could be being scheduled with interviews and not postponing. When dates start to move, employers can lose candidates. Relationships take time, we all need to work at them, which is why when they do flourish, it all clicks.”

The need of getting candidates on your side is echoed by Lindae Fyffe, Recruitment Consultant. “You have to maintain a positive candidate experience. Clarity and assurances have to be promised on both sides. It is always disappointing when communication starts to be compromised, we all need to show up when the time is agreed. It is so important to build working relationships with candidates, this is how we can be open with each other and candidates need to feel that their interests and aspirations are taken care of.”

Being open to change and the continual adjustments that need to be made all help to improve the recruitment process. No one can sit still and rest on their laurels, there is always work to be done.