Advice If You’re Unhappy In Your Job

Advice If You’re Unhappy In Your Job

Feeling unfulfilled in your current job does not mean you have to accept and continue being unhappy.

To many people, their current career path might not line up with what they want professionally and personally. The past two years have meant people are redefining their goals and what they want out of life.

Let’s share with you advice from the team and if you are currently feeling stuck in your current job.

Gemma Emery, Commercial Consultant, shares her support, “It is important to realise there are options. If you need the money and we all need security, I would say don’t make rash decisions, but just think about how you want your next year to be.”

“However, if you are not in a happy place then a side step into the temp market can be a sensible option. For instance, a candidate said to me that they are going to make a commitment for the next year as a temp, based on the fact they are not quite sure what they want in the short term.”

Kimberley Best, Recruitment Consultant, is a person who took that step and says that taking a deep breath and the risk can pay off, “At the start of 2021 I was in a different industry and wasn’t happy where I was. Friends had suggested I’d make a good recruitment consultant. I’ll have reached that milestone for my first year in April. My advice is that if you are in a rut, a leap of faith can put you in a better place.”

When it comes to practical advice, Ryan Morling, Industrial Recruitment Specialist, shares his point of view, “You have to be open with yourself. Ask yourself ‘why’ you want to leave? Everyone has a reason and the answers are going to be all around you. You need to know otherwise your unhappiness could be transferred to your next role.”

“When you know what you want and the pains you are going through that is where a recruitment consultant can support. It means you can have better guidance on what’s out there and how your future can shape. Plus, it’s always better when you can have that open discussion and not bottle it in.”

It is perfectly normal to come to a stage when you think you might have to reevaluate your career and where you are today may be a different person from where you started in your current role. It is nothing to feel anxious about, more a reflection of the person you are today, how you have changed and your priorities for your future.