How Can I Get The Job I’m Going To Love?

How Can I Get The Job I’m Going To Love?

Finding that job that is going to help you now and where you want to be in the future, comes down to being open.

The TeamJobs team shares what are the key ingredients to finding a job where you are going to be happy and excited about the future.

Rob Bruce, Senior Recruitment Consultant, believes in being honest and upfront from the early conversations you have with a recruitment team. “To be a person to guide others, you have to know a lot about them. My questions might be personal, but it focuses on what is important to someone else. To have a career or next job that is going to make you happy, understand what you want to get out of work, your aspirations and your future plans.”

This idea of honesty is what Hannah Sills, TeamJobs Managing Director, sees as the forming of a psychological contract. Hannah explains, “This is where you work with a recruiter where a partnership is at its core. A psychological contract is an unwritten expectation between two sides. For instance, a consultant is going to play a pivotal role in the selection process and a trusted place to come to and to listen to what a candidate wants. With the candidate, they deliver who they say they are with the experience, skills and expectations. If the approach from a person is just ‘give me a job’ or time with the team is mixed with another five more consultancies, then the dynamic changes to a commodity.”

Knowing that a fulfilling job is ready for you can be empowering, but can it be different for people who are more inclined for temp work? Ella Simmons, Commercial Temps Consultant recognises trust is important, “I still want people to go into a role, enjoy the time spent and them come back to me. Whilst I am hiring on immediate skills, rather than someone growing into a role, trust means that people know they are going to step into a short-term role, knowing they are going to be happy. Rapport is everything between a candidate and a consultant. For instance, I connect with people by not talking about work but connecting with them as people. It’s knowing the teams they support, what they enjoy out of life and finding that common ground.”

Jaime Rana, Senior Recruitment Consultant recognises that a job that you are going to love starts from the very first email, text or voicemail with a recruitment consultant. “I often use the word ‘transparency’ as I am the person who is representing someone else. I’ll ask people what offers they have been given and where they have been interviewed. What happens is that I can listen and learn from their feedback. By reminding a candidate of their motivations and always relaying back to where our conversations started can help pave the way for a role someone to take a job that is enriching.”

Finding a job you are going to enjoy and progress your career goes way before interviews, practicing your delivery, researching employers and identifying a cultural fit. It comes down to the openness and transparency of the conversations made with a recruitment team that will help you now and in the future.