How Long Will It Take Me To Get A Job?

How Long Will It Take Me To Get A Job?

It is a question a consultant is asked a lot, but hard to define with so many factors that come into play when it comes to how long to get a new job.

How long it takes to get a job depends on the role you are going for and also the industry. According to the National Association for Colleges and Employers (NACE) it is reported as under a month but from other sources, it can be up to five months (according to a US report from Randstad).

Let’s highlight some key factors from the team. Karen Jayne Harris, Senior Consultant, shares from a commercial division perspective, “It isn’t about having a set timeline, but managing expectations from the outset with a candidate. From my experience from an offer made, a permanent role could be two to three weeks, but for more senior roles and notice periods, this could be two to five months.”

“There is so much that happens in the build-up to your new job. It could be update calls, it could even be circumstances change for a candidate. I would say that time is not as important as keeping people updated and everyone in the loop.”

Ebony Whelan, Recruitment Consultant, believes that having set times can be misleading. “For the temp market, there are roles there for people to start tomorrow. A candidate may want everything to progress quickly and to move into a new job, but some elements are out of control. It could be timing and schedules from an employer or just the whole interview process and pool of candidates. It is quite a methodical process, it is about understanding the scenarios of everyone involved, from a company to a recruiter, to a candidate. Alternatively, employers do work fast when they have a role that needs support and great candidates to work with.”

Sara Kitchener-Butcher, Technical Resourcer says, “No matter how much hard work you are putting in, there is plenty of variables which can alter your path to landing a role. In the technical division, there are roles needed ASAP but also others that take into consideration the interview process itself, your notice period and the seniority of the job you’re applying for. Even clients can adapt what they are looking for. It is a case of managing everyone and their expectations.”

In some markets, the process to getting a new role can be very quick. Ben Cooper, Head Of Automotive for Team Automotive, highlights a four-week turnaround, “The US market operates at an efficient pace. The first two weeks are centred on initial calls and interviews, whilst the second two weeks concentrate on drug testing and a much shorter notice period than in the UK (a fortnight). There is a shortage of talented automotive professionals, so the fast pace means a process has to be slick and precise.”  

It’s safe to say good things can take time. There is no definite answer for how long it takes to get your next job. 

You just need the confidence and support that others are looking after you and whilst time is something you can’t control, there is an end goal.