How To Answer 'What Is Your Dream Job’ ?

How To Answer 'What Is Your Dream Job’ ?

It’s a popular question that is asked in an interview on what your dream job looks like. It needs to be answered correctly.

We share with candidates the types of questions they could be presented with. Let’s share with you how we would approach the moment when an interviewer asks ‘what is your dream job?’

What is important to remember is this question is structured around what gives you fulfilment in your work and what you enjoy.

Karen Jayne Harris, Senior Consultant, points to the importance of matching, “This is about aligning the skills you have and the job you are applying for. Think about what makes you happy and gives you real energy. If you can share examples or instances when you have found joy in your work, be open about it.”

Jaime Rana, Specialist Marketing Recruiter shares that if it is looking like your dream job, then say that it is, “There are many candidates I work with where they get their dream job. If this is the job you have always wanted and you can share with enthusiasm, not thinly veiled eagerness, then back up why this is for you. For instance, it could have been the entire interview experience that felt welcoming, a company you admire, or the skill sets you know are perfectly matched. Make sure you share this.”

Georgia Brooker, Recruitment Consultant, points to what an employer is looking for, “A good interviewer will know if it’s from the heart. If you can see the potential and opportunities from the job, then be vocal about it. The advice I share is to also recognise the crossover between what you want and the job you are going for. This is a question that looks into what you value, not just what a day is going to look like. That is what an interviewer is paying attention to.”

Sharing your aspirations for your dream job is about contentment, it’s ok to share what it should mean to you. Lucy Sinclair, Recruitment Consultant highlights, “We spend a large part of our week in the workspace and with other people so you have to know what keeps you motivated, happy and driven. Know what brings joy into your week. Is it feeling a part of something? Is it feeling valued? Is working with people and not in isolation? Is it giving back? Is it being creative and sharing ideas? Apply your enthusiasm to the potential workplace.”

Kimberley Best believes that it’s ok to be animated, “I spoke to a candidate who was offered a job this week and they were delighted, it was the job they always wanted. Remember it is your personality that shines through. If this question sparks a smile, then go with it. It is your opportunity to share what is important to you in a real down-to-earth way.”

The ‘dream job’ question can be a highlight of an interview. It is about being relevant to the potential role you are applying for and the type of environment that you want to be a part of.

It’s a good opportunity to put your stamp on what matters to you.