How To Answer ‘Why Do You Want This Job?’

How To Answer ‘Why Do You Want This Job?’

It is a popular question that is going to appear during the interview but answering ‘why do you want this job?’ is a pivotal part of an interview.

Whilst you might think of it as an abrupt question, it comes down to understanding more about you and if your character fits well with a future employer. It is never there to throw you off guard.

The team looks at how to prepare for this question.

Kimberley Best, Recruitment Consultant suggests this a good place to reflect where you are to where you want to go. “I’ll ask a candidate what it is that frustrates them about their current place of work? Your prior experience will suggest what you want (and don’t want). For instance, your communication skills could be at a good place where teamwork is where your strengths lie, beyond the skills required. To look forward you need to see how far you have come.”

One piece of advice from the team is that a reason for wanting a new job should never solely be about an appealing salary or as a stop-gap before your next career move. It is much more about you as a person and the values and aspirations you have.

Yasmin Cottrell, Senior Industrial Permanent Consultant, always builds this question into early stages with both clients and candidates. “I’ll always ask a client what they want from a candidate and this is going to help me match. For instance, if the offer is a permanent role and a candidate is now looking to move from a temp space to one that provides stability and focus, this is going to help. It means that even though the question is going to be asked, a recruiter has already been working in the background to bring both sides together where the match is compatible.”

Ryan Morling Industrial Recruitment Specialist highlights that prep work goes a long way. “It is far too easy to say, ‘have a look at a company's values and culture on a website’, candidates can take the initiative and be proactive. For instance, from a LinkedIn company page, reach out to people who are working at a potential future employer and ask them how work life is for them. This can help you shape what you want from the people who are living the day to day. This is what I did before working for TeamJobs and the feedback helped me evaluate and know I’m going to enjoy my job with the people around me.”

It’s a big part of any interview, but some preparation and thought before you start the conversation is going to help you immensely. If your heart knows your future could be in the role you are being interviewed for, the rest will flow.