How Your Cover Letter Can Make A Big Impact

How Your Cover Letter Can Make A Big Impact

When it comes to having a place for your personality to be visible, the covering letter or personal profile can play to your strengths.

It is a way for you to explain to a potential employer why you represent the person they are looking for.

Let’s share some advice on how you can make an impact with your first intro.

Harriet Wilson, Assistant Operations Manager, addresses how to look at your CV and your cover letter, “A CV is factual, whereas your cover letter is similar to a phone call. It’s a way for others to have an idea of your personality and to have a glimpse of who you are.”

Rachel Syms, Commercial Manager, recognises that personality and a link to the role you are applying for is where people can shine. “Being relatable is the key here. For instance, if you are looking to change role, know the role you are applying for. There is nothing worse than seeing a covering letter that refers to one role when the job they are applying for is completely different. It does happen when CVs are submitted to everyone! Answer yourself this one question, ‘what is my reason for submitting myself for this job?’ And then write it down.”

“From a recruiter's side, we send to our clients why a candidate can be a good fit. It helps so much when there is a sense of character and proof that a candidate's future could support an employer.”

Kimberley Best, Recruitment Consultant, understands that whilst a CV shares your career progression, demonstrating your enthusiasm for a position is important. “Your transferable skills and understanding that a cover letter doesn’t have to be a dry, formulaic introduction are noteworthy. You can demonstrate a sense of feeling in your personal intro. For instance, it could be your interest within an industry or that the interests and dedication you have, fits with the job spec.”

Roxanne Dunlop, Recruitment Consultant, shares her experience, “I would say when selling yourself, look beyond words such as enthusiastic, hard-working and being a fast-learner. Find unique ways to show who you are, rather than tell people of overused descriptions. One of the most notable ways I have seen someone stand out is to send a cake to an employer! However, the written word can still be a way to promote you as a person and still keep it professional.”

Making that first step in the application process, it is important to make an impact so people will remember you. It could be a phrase, it could be your future in a specific industry, it could be the values you have as a person that can go hand in hand. When someone pays attention to you at the beginning it can carry you all the way to being offered the job you are looking for.