Is It Easier To Apply Directly For A Job?

Is It Easier To Apply Directly For A Job?

Applying for a job directly can get you straight to an employer, but having the relationships already in place are what counts.

It is right to think that with a bit of forward thinking you can be one step ahead and apply directly, but let’s share why trust and having someone else on your side is what can make such a difference.

Roxanne Dunlop, Recruitment Consultant highlights the interaction and familiarity with employers, “When you build a rapport, you know the type of individual that could fit within a company. On the candidate side, it shows initiative to approach directly, but that’s why the team and I are here for. We put candidates in an even better place so they receive guidance and are prepped and ready. Quality over quantity always wins. Sending out CVs to many employers gives you scale, but it can be extremely time consuming. Your CV may only be perfect for a handful of businesses, not everyone!”

Rachel Syms, Commercial Manager, shares an advantage that many people forget, the ability to know how the future can look. “Having a strong partnership with a client means the ability to forecast. For instance, we can see an account management role that will be on the horizon in two months' time. This is something that you wouldn’t see on a job site. Having an outlook means that we know the people who are coming into the market and the conversations can start early. The discussions and openness on a one-to-one level is something the web can’t do.”

The work that happens behind the scenes is something that candidates might not be too familiar with. It also means that someone else is speaking up for you. Harriet Wilson, Assistant Operations Manager, shares from a temp perspective. “When someone makes a choice for flexibility, such as three to six months availability, movement during the year or retiring early and they want agility, those discussions might not happen directly with a company you are not familiar with. We know what others are looking for.”

Job adverts can tell you what an employer is looking for, but the alliances formed with companies and having market knowledge is how a recruiter can become the person who champions you, supports you and know where your future can lie. It’s good to have other people who are on your side.