Is It Ok To Take A Job But Still Look Around?

Is It Ok To Take A Job But Still Look Around?

It is a difficult question and the overall response is ‘it depends.’ The TeamJobs recruitment team shares their perspective.

Hannah Sills, head of permanent and specialist recruitment, highlights the circumstances a person may be in. “Every person’s situation is different. Let me explain. A person who needs to pay the bills at home whilst taking a zero-hours contract makes sense. During the pandemic, there were many examples of people who took a side step from their careers. There were popular stories such as a British Airways pilot who became a Tesco delivery driver. On the overhand, if a financial director took a role and continued their search, it could potentially affect how someone’s commercial integrity is viewed by their next employer.”

When it comes to working the relationship and commitment have to be two ways. For an employer, it is their responsibility to create a reason for others to come to work. For an employee, they have to give their best effort to each day that is presented to them. 

According to BambooHR, a HR software provider, from 1,000 people surveyed, nearly 15% of new hires leave in their sixth month of employment. Reasons included, ‘changed my mind,’ ‘different work than I expected,’ or ‘not fun.’

Michelle Mitchell, engineering and automotive manager says, “From a recruiter perspective, the team can tell if a person is only going to be invested for a short term, whilst still looking around. Dependent on the level you employ if someone is overqualified, there may be a time limit for them to fulfil their job. Let’s look at it this way, a job for life just does not exist, but we all need to be fair and respectful with each other. My advice to anyone who has taken a job, but still looking around for another role is to think about your own reputation if you accept an alternative job within a matter of months or even weeks.”

A lot comes down to our own morals and ethics, if you are tempted by something that is offered to you a few months down the line whilst you are employed by someone else, you need to have a good reason. 

Even if a job market can be challenging for your own progression, never lapse your own integrity and conduct. If you make a swift judgement now, it could affect your progression further down the line. It’s good to have options but remember the reasons why you are making a commitment to someone else.