How To Stop The Nerves With A New Job

How To Stop The Nerves With A New Job

Taking a new job presents a new world of opportunity, but also slight anxiety in the build-up to your new place of work.

If the thought of a new job makes you feel uneasy, you are certainly not alone. Whilst you have done the hard work and proved to an employer that you are the best person, the nerves can ramp up.

The TeamJobs team shares their experience on how they help candidates deal with the new job nerves.

Jaime Rana, Senior Recruitment Consultant, approaches this very real scenario, “It’s important to know that this is a short term obstacle that we have to deal with. From my side, the unease can be guided and nurtured through the whole process, but it can be prominent at the point just before you start.

“There are two ways I approach. The first is to let people know this is something they have earned and fully deserved. The second is to find ways to ingratiate them into the new place of work. Perhaps there is a company evening out, or meeting new team members before the official start date. It is important to remind people their new place of work is just right for them, rather than the temptation to put huge pressure on ourselves.”

Hannah Sills, Managing Director, identifies the level of information presented has to be balanced to reduce worry. “It has happened on occasion when a new employer sends a 72-page handbook and says, ‘please read this before you start.’ This doesn’t help anyone and can become overawing. Similarly, too little information can make people feel nervous. People just need to feel guided and made to feel welcome.”

Rob Bruce, Senior Recruitment Consultant looks at the relationships built through the entire recruitment process is there to reduce any fears. “Each step is to reaffirm to someone that they deserve the opportunity being presented. A positive approach matters, it helps people realise that they were selected on merit. Sometimes it is good to remind someone they were up for a new role amongst many other talented individuals.”

Even in the temporary market, the sense of apprehension is a part of life. Vicki Reeks, Industrial Manager says, “People need to feel calm, it doesn’t matter whether it’s for a permanent job or a short-term role, it is always a feeling of the unknown. For instance, if a new temp role starts at 8am one morning, one of the team will send a text at 7am just to give that support and we are on their side. It meant a lot reading a text back recently that said ‘thanks…you are living this with me.’ People need to know others are thinking about them.”

A new job and feeling nervous is just a part of life.

The key is how to manage it and recognise that you are not isolated, there are people around you who are ready to welcome you into a new place of work and others who are supporting you for getting so far and ready to do your best work.