Our Recruitment Predictions For 2023

Our Recruitment Predictions For 2023

The new year presents hope and opportunity.

The team shares how they look at 2023 from a recruitment space and how some of the trends this year can progress into the year ahead.

Kimberley Best, Specialist Marketing Recruiter, points to candidates still being in a place of control and employers need to be aware of this, “A company has to be adaptable to attract the best new team members. It could be flexibility on location, it could be hours, it could be training and development, when the conversation is open, it can flow better. Candidates are very much in charge, employers can become attractive places of work when the focus is on the development and well-being of their team members.”

Lucy Sinclair, Recruitment Consultant, recognises that confidence is going to play a huge part in 2023. “When you hear about the challenges of life around us all, the easiest thing to do is to play it safe, even if you may not be 100% happy in your current job. When you have confidence you are more willing to make that decision and look for your next career move.”

“Good people will always be in demand and I understand that businesses can be cautious with the way things are. Rest assured, there are jobs and opportunities out there. Sometimes it needs that conversation and self-belief to make that next step.”

Shannon Milne, Recruitment Consultant, shares her thoughts for 2023, “I see employers recognising how important transferable skills are part of the job role. For instance, I came into recruitment from banking, but the values of skills such as communication, motivation, enthusiasm and teamwork are worth their weight. Sometimes a person on paper may not look like the ideal candidate for a company, but when you see the talents they have, it can be an assured choice.”

Each year the world of recruitment presents different obstacles to manoeuvre and to adapt, that is what keeps everything exciting with potential around every corner. The possibilities are open and vibrant for candidates, employers and the recruitment teams who play their part.