The Best Thing About Being In Recruitment

The Best Thing About Being In Recruitment

It feels good when you can work together with others and see tangible results.

Let's take a step back and recognise the reasons why a role in the recruitment industry is worthwhile. Rather than just explain the benefits of being in recruitment, let's put it in the context of the past 18 months.

For many recruitment consultancies, they have had to change quickly and what could have been firefighting to stay in business in spring 2020, today provides something to look back on and know what makes a career worthwhile within recruitment.

Some of the team explain what matters to them and gives them a sense of reward and fulfilment.

A common theme is empathy. Lucy Eaton, Senior Recruitment Consultant explains, “The conversation with clients feels open with each other. Perhaps this could be because we all became honest during 2020 and acknowledged the challenges we all faced. To me, this means a lot as there is no distance between the people I work with and myself. It’s a great feeling when there is an appreciation for your efforts where businesses have the right people and candidates look forward to their immediate future.”

“Personally, the challenges we have all faced have provided me an opportunity to develop myself, perhaps in a way I may not have done before and now lead the Out Of Area division.”

Rob Bruce, Senior Recruitment Consultant continues this theme of rapport with others, “The best part for me today is that people can see the value provided and are open and ready to listen. It does feel supportive when a conversation starts to get a solution. Similar to what Lucy says, people are more open with each other.”

For Jaime Rana, Senior Recruitment Consultant, the best part of the job comes from seeing resilience in action. “When you are a part of a team, you see everyone pulling together. We were all faced with that in 2020 and it should be something to be proud of where you have to find strength in yourself and the people you work with. That is extremely rewarding.”

Hannah Sills, TeamJobs Managing Director, echoes Jaime’s views on perseverance, not just within the company but everyone the company works with. “I have seen resilience from candidates and clients that is off the scale! Many businesses have had to go through their own transformation as part of the whole process. This is what we have done, at TeamJobs, where you adapt because of the marketplace. This is where I see the fulfilment in creating positive results from an unnerving place.”

Recruitment is an industry that attracts such a wide range of skillsets and personalities. For many people, the variety, challenges, and rewards are why recruitment is the perfect career choice.