The Biggest Impact On Candidates

The Biggest Impact On Candidates

So much has changed in the past two years, but how has this affected the lives and choices of candidates?

We share our perspectives on some of the biggest impacts on candidates since 2020. In the words of LinkedIn’s ‘Talent Market Drivers’ report, “The global talent market has never changed this much, this quickly.”

Coming a bit closer to home, how have the lives of candidates today adapted compared to the candidates we worked with two years ago? Let’s share with you how our conversations and expectations with candidates shine a light on behaviour.

Kimberley Best, Recruitment Consultant, highlights flexibility is at the top of most conversations. “Working from home would never have been a part of the discussion a few years ago. Boris Johnson recently said that he was an advocate of “the workplace environment” but many people want to work from home. This becomes a conscious choice, rather than necessity and part of the conversation with employers.” 

Harriet Wilson, Assistant Operations Manager recognises the change in motivators. “Salary has always ultimately been the attraction for the role but the benefits, security and offering from the company is what retains employees in the fast-moving market, where people are putting their happiness, contentment and job satisfaction as a top priority.”

“I would say that people do look at what they want differently than before. Maybe a role might not be as senior, but that time back with family and feeling less stressed and happier can be irreplaceable.”

However, in some cases the change is not as dramatic as people might think, Jordan Ball, Senior Industrial Recruitment Consultant explains. “Within the temp and industrial sector the world has progressed no differently from where the world was before and during the pandemic. For instance, manufacturing and industrial clients have been extremely busy and need the staff to support. From my experience, I would say that people haven’t changed dramatically, it depends on the sector they are a part of.”

From the relationships with the candidates the team works with, the way we all adapt goes with the territory of the world of work. Whilst money always has a role to play, people recognise that there is so much involved when it comes to a fulfilling career. It’s important to make it as enjoyable, fulfilling and valued as you can.