The Importance Of Skills Based Hiring

The Importance Of Skills Based Hiring

Whilst qualifications gained are a focal point for many employers, there is a shift to achievements made and if a person can do the job.

When it comes to evaluating candidates, competencies and personal drive are becoming recognised as opportunities to look further into for employers.

Some of the team look at the trend towards skills-based suitability.

Jordan Ball, Senior Industrial Recruitment Consultant says preference is dependent on client aspirations. “From a commitment perspective, many skills can be taught. Degree requirements can now be superseded by the right attitude, determination and a strong work ethic. Whilst some clients can be focused on specific qualifications, what this can do is slow down the recruitment process.

“From a personal perspective, a lot comes down to trust. If I receive a brief from a client and they have faith in me and the team, we can find the best people. A recent client was looking for assemblers and sourced a candidate who did not have the initial experience but excelled in the right attitude and other experiences gained.”

Harriet Wilson, Industrial Division Manager highlights the importance of faith between recruiter and employer. “Clients appreciate guidance on what is essential and what isn’t within their requirements. Candidates, need to make sure their CVs are relevant and how they emphasise transferable skills and also the results they have achieved, not just qualifications gained. Recruitment today is about compromise.

“Flexibility is key for everyone. For instance, if a client is looking for metal shop operatives, a candidate could have worked in assembly but not specifically with a metal product. With on-site training, they can be taken to a level that is required in a short space of time. Skills-based suitability cannot be underestimated.”

Hayley Oldring, Recruitment Consultant says balance is important. “Naturally there are roles where you need the right qualifications, particularly skills roles or you’re not allowed to do the job. However, for all sectors, the focus on transferable skills and reliability cannot be ignored. Someone who has been in a job for ten years shows dedication, loyalty and commitment. When a client recognises these values, it can open so much for them.”

Karen Jayne Harris, Senior Consultant, continues the ability to see the progression and how that can fit with new opportunities. “A person may show their personal development within a company and this ability to come through the ranks is so important. I would say to any candidate, to make sure that your accomplishments, experiences, contribution and progress are worth their weight on your CV. It shows you have what a future employer is looking for.”

When employers look towards the skills and capabilities people possess it can help with the roles that need filling. For, candidates, they can pursue successful careers based on their suitability for a role, not necessarily the initial qualifications they thought were required.