The Most Challenging Part Of Being A Recruiter

The Most Challenging Part Of Being A Recruiter

Similar to every job, the challenges of being a recruiter provide obstacles to deal with.

It’s a fast-moving industry and life as a recruiter is constantly changing.

Let’s share with you where the biggest obstacles are faced by many recruiters.

Jordan Ball Senior Industrial Recruitment Consultant explains her biggest hill comes down to reliability. “On the temp team, there are occasions when a candidate has accepted a job role, the start dates are confirmed and all is prepped and ready to go and they don’t show up for their first day. It’s frustrating for a client and also lets a candidate down after the effort they have put in. Dependability is so important, it’s a case of the candidate, client and recruiter working together. When trust is broken, it lets people down.”

With the challenges though comes preparation. Jordan says, “When you build a pool of great candidates, you always have a plan B. There are candidates we are speaking to all the time and doing our due diligence. This means that if reliability comes into question, it’s addressed quickly.”

To be a trusted recruiter, it is important to always be one step ahead. Kimberley Best, Recruitment Consultant notes efficiency can be a hurdle to manoeuvre. Kimberley says, “Pace is part and parcel of this industry, so when you become stuck in your tracks it can be frustrating. For example, it could be waiting for feedback, it could be waiting for information to be sent back, it could just be moments when there is silence. You have to be composed as a recruiter. Patience plays a big part in the role. Sometimes what you would want to proceed quickly can take months.”

Harriet Wilson, Assistant Operations Manager says, “The most challenging aspect of our role is adapting. This leans into the ever-changing world of recruitment and meeting the individual needs and wants of our clients and candidates. As market experts, we have access to the best resources to allow us not only to support our clients but offer advice and insight into trends. Recruitment is an industry where you have to be focused and assess sector progression, no one can afford to become complacent.“

Managing both candidates and clients does come with its challenges, that is part and parcel of the job. This is why the recruitment industry has a place for people who can adapt and manage circumstances as well as the people they build relationships with. That way obstacles can be overcome and situations are managed and embraced.