The Most Rewarding Part Of Being A Recruiter

The Most Rewarding Part Of Being A Recruiter

Being a recruiter can be such a rewarding experience. It galvanises people and helps shape the careers of others. 

Let’s share with you, from some of the team, where they see the recognition and enjoyment of being a recruitment consultant. 

Karen Jayne Harris, Senior Consultant has over 20 years of experience in the recruitment industry. “The easiest thing is to say that every day is different, but it is so much more than that. The relationships and connections you build with clients and candidates is something that stays with you. It’s that buzz you see on both sides where someone has found their dream job and an employer has someone who is going to be a great addition to their team.” 

“It all comes down to the interaction and empathy with people and the roll-on effect that can happen. By this, I mean where a candidate becomes a client. This is the reward for doing a solid job from the start. That payoff could be three months, it could be three years down the line.” 

Hayley Oldring, Recruitment Consultant has been a recruitment consultant for under one year but comes as a manager from a customer service background. Hayley says, “Whilst I don’t have the years of experience from someone such as Karen, what I am seeing is this strength of having ownership. If you don’t have that will to push yourself, perhaps the industry might pass you by. However, having control means you can create your own path. It comes from the ability to drive yourself and find trust and responsibility from others. I find that very rewarding.” 

Harriet Wilson, Assistant Operations Manager has been in the recruitment industry for nearly seven years and takes a step back. “The reward I get is when I can see the team achieve. It could be how someone grows in confidence, develops as a recruiter or progresses from the targets they hit. What is rewarding for me is feeling a part of something with others. A team around you is very important.” 

Jordan Ball, Senior Industrial Recruitment Consultant had been travelling for four years before joining TeamJobs and now approaching three years as a recruitment consultant. “I love the challenging aspect of the role. It’s the situation where someone says ‘this could be difficult’ and my reply will always be ‘watch me!’ When you can see a relationship bloom and someone has a new job to look forward to it feels good. It’s the little things with a testimonial that mean the world too. The appreciation of the hard work means a lot.”

Whilst the role of a recruitment consultant presents challenges it also delivers a deep sense of personal fulfillment. Being a part of something is important. It’s how we do our best work and be the people that are there for clients and candidates whenever they need us.