The Opportunities For 2023

The Opportunities For 2023

While the challenges are apparent for businesses today, the opportunity is very much alive for 2023. 

Those are the words of Jason Gault, owner of TeamJobs and shares how he has seen the world of work shift for many companies in the past year. “2022 was the year where continuity and leadership became the driving force. The complexities of hybrid work have been problematic for some and still remain, but there has been a drive to get business firing on all cylinders again.”

“Dependant on your industry, it can be hard when the staff in a company feel detached from each other. We discovered that. We are a sales-based business, where a collaborative buzz has been built over the years.”

A study from Grant Thornton recognised that of more than 300 SMEs, 51% of companies have adopted hybrid working approaches since 2021, but many struggle to find a working benefit.

With Britain’s rate of unemployment rising to 3.7% in the three months up to October, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), how does Jason look at opportunities for 2023? “Parts of the economy will be more affected than others. For instance, some sectors did not experience the seasonal uplift they expected at Christmas.”

“From what we have seen on a recruitment level, businesses are still looking to progress in 2023. Whilst there is a perception of battening down the hatches, which may be true, businesses still have to function and that is where the opportunity sits.”

Jason says that trends from 2022 will continue. “A phrase that became popularised this year was ‘quiet quitting,’ where the minimum requirements of the job description are carried out. Creating a culture of limited enthusiasm and being disengaged, creates a disconnect between staff. At the same time, employees are reassessing what work means to them. We still operate locally and nationally within a candidate-driven marketplace.”

“My advice for employers is to prepare for the continuation of candidate shortages. We need to be aware of what is happening around us, but don’t get sucked into the spiral of negativity. Great people are at a premium and that won’t change. Prepare and find ways to bring them in, if you don’t, another business will.”

From a company level, 2023 presents a new location and drive for TeamJobs. Jason explains, “We are looking forward to moving to our new head office, still in Poole, but the main goal is to build the business where accountability and leadership are driven by the team who play their part. It’s also important to represent the community we are a part of and to be a helping hand to others. 2022 was a big year for me as part of the team who raised £60,000 for Julia’s House Hospice and our trek to Machu Picchu, in Peru. We can all reach out and support.”

The speed of change has been dramatic for businesses over the past three years. The changing workplace, talent shortages, new demands and a challenging economy present hurdles, but the need to push forward and create opportunities will be what drive 2023.