The Recruiters’ Biggest Buzz In 2021

The Recruiters’ Biggest Buzz In 2021

As we leave 2021 behind let’s share what gave recruiters the biggest sense of achievement this year.

Let’s share with you what gives the team that fire in their belly and a spring in their step whilst working in the coalface of the recruitment industry.

It’s time to look back and recognise what feels good.

Kimberley Best, Recruitment Consultant looks at this year as a way to celebrate personal milestones, “Hitting targets at the start of winter gave me an immense feeling. It’s the little nods to yourself in what you are achieving. Coupled with building relationships with clients and candidates, getting to know people is where I get a huge sense of satisfaction.”

Rob Bruce, Senior Recruitment Consultant looks at 2021 being a completely different year and one that opened new opportunities. “I take the biggest buzz from making placements, the prompt turnarounds with the amazing clients I work with, but also learning new skills. No one can stand still, the recruitment landscape is different today. This means that continuous learning is a requirement me all need. As we step into 2022 no one can be complacent or rest on the success they may have had from 2021.”

Lindae Fyffe, Recruitment Consultant highlights something personal that gave him immense joy. “A candidate called our MD, Hannah Sills, during my review. For someone to take time out of their day and speak to one of the management team meant a lot. I didn’t ask them, I didn’t know about it, but hearing about it, I was elated. Not just for my own confidence and self belief, but knowing that my approach with candidates works.”

Lucy Eaton, National Industrial Division Manager, has seen a new team develop, this has where her delight sits, “It’s been a huge year for me personally to lead a new division. For it to work, it’s the team that make the difference. I have seen those around me grow and develop. Team members have hit their probation milestones and moving to an encouraging place. The buzz for me is starting something from scratch and people feeling a part of something. Not just my team, but everyone we work, internally and externally and welcome into our unit. That feels great.”

Jaime Rana rounds everything off for the reward of being in the recruitment industry. “For me, the buzz never falters. It’s the pressure you find yourself in, the busy days when you don’t have a minute to take your mind off the job in hand, that is where I thrive. 2021 saw this again in abundance. Couple this with hitting targets and recognition from the people you work with and help, proves that this recruitment world can be an inspiring place.”

One thing to take from 2021 is that the buzz that the team feel is then magnified on the clients and candidates we work with.

The impact made on others is noticeable and we look forward to that continuing in 2022. It feels good to have pride in what you do.