The Upside To Leaving Your Job

The Upside To Leaving Your Job

The easiest thing people do with a job is to persist, then again, the decision to look for your next job represents so much more than a new opportunity.

Success and happiness is something very personal, which is why the end of a year and the start to a new one, presents time for reflection and making new commitments.

As a recruitment consultancy, we spend our time nurturing people who make their next transition. Let’s share from our experience the upside of leaving your job.

Kimberley Best, Specialist Marketing Recruiter, points to the opportunity that progression delivers. “Any next career step comes with trepidation. What is important to remember is that we need to be happy and supported in the places we work. Making that decision to leave your job is a big step, for anyone, but also demonstrates that we are all in charge of our careers.”

Imogen Hudson, Recruitment Consultant, shares that it is easier to keep going than it is to decide to move. “Many people do not see the potential that can be just right for them. When you become too comfortable, you get stuck in a groove. There is possibility elsewhere, new horizons to explore and experiences to gain. Whether you are in the early years of your career, or further down the line, there is opportunity out there. Leaving one job for another is about the exciting journey everyone is on.”

What can be daunting can mean a step outside of your comfort zone. Lucy Sinclair, Recruitment Consultant, explains, “For me, property was all I knew until I made that step into recruitment. Looking back now, sticking with something where I wasn’t necessarily happy, was more about familiarity with the job. The upside for leaving can mean the skills you have built can be easily moved to a new space. It’s how we progress.”

The positive side to leaving your job can sometimes mean a fresh start, Shannon Milne, Recruitment Consultant says, “When you make that decision to leave, it shows that we are all in control. A clean slate can feel good and a part of the experiences we all gain. No one wants to be complacent or feel like they are coasting in their job, actions can mean new doors open.”

If your current job doesn’t provide that path for growth or development, then it could be time for your next move. Find time to get your CV in order and recognise the talents and skills you have built to start the process.

Plus, if you need a helping hand then we’re here to help you, get in touch here.