Secrets To What Motivates A Recruiter

Secrets To What Motivates A Recruiter

Whilst the commercial rewards are a part of being in recruitment, motivation to why people are in this industry is a lot more personal.

Let’s share what spurs some of the team on and why they have been a part of the industry for many years.

Gemma Emery, Commercial Consultant is coming up to ten years as a recruitment consultant and shares what has motivated her over the years, “I used to be full time and ran the temp desk in the business. When you have a family, the dynamic starts to change. Flexibility is what keeps me driven, when you become a parent, you still want to come to a place where you feel a part of something. I have my family and my work family, The pandemic brought people together and made us realise that we need to enjoy work and the places that help us make a living.”

Ryan Morling, Industrial Recruitment Specialist, acknowledges that whilst the financial reward is something that is ok to be honest about, it does go further, “I have been in this industry for seven years and knowing you can make a difference for someone is powerful. Whether it’s helping to shape a candidate’s career or an important role a client is looking to fill, you can be the catalyst in making something happen. You do a good job, people come back to you and that’s how you build strong relationships. That is where the drive comes into play, every day!”

Similar to Gemma and a long tenure at the business, Yasmin Cottrell, Senior Industrial Permanent Consultant has just reached nine years of being a recruitment consultant at TeamJobs and shares what drives her, “That huge feeling of filling jobs for clients or saying to someone, ‘I have the ideal person for you’ does not go away. What this means is that you start to build a reputation and become a trusted recruiter. I like to think that I have achieved that after all these years. That does come with a feeling of accomplishment. Motivation is success related but that doesn’t to just have to be money-related.”

For someone who has been in the recruitment industry a lot less than Gemma, Ryan and Yasmi is Kimberley Best, Recruitment Consultant. Kimberley recognises the importance of autonomy and building responsibility. “This is what drives me, where your enthusiasm can help build your industry presence. Once you have your targets in place, it is down to you to make it happen. I guess this is why a career in recruitment is not for everyone, but your independence and drive grow as you build trust with your teams and the clients you work with.”

Recruiter motivation makes a step up when it becomes a partnership focused service. Not just with clients but working with candidates to help their next professional step. This is where personal fulfilment is driven by the trust gained and the recognition received.