What To Do If You Are Unfulfilled In Your Job

What To Do If You Are Unfulfilled In Your Job

If you are hitting a point where you are becoming unsatisfied with your job, a knee-jerk reaction to leave, might not be the best first move.

As we hit the mid-part of 2022, let’s share our experience during those stages where people are starting to feel unfulfilled. We’ll focus on those early signs and how to address them.

Hayley Oldring, Recruitment Consultant shares her advice on taking some time to reflect, “Write down the three elements of your work that are essential to you and what you love. It could be being around others, it could be having responsibilities, it could be the environment you work in. What you start to prioritise is what has meaning to you and the avenue you can progress. A career change might not always be the answer, it could be the aspects of your job.”

Harriet Wilson, Assistant Operations Manager, follows up on actioning the self-reflection. “The worse thing you can do is bottle it all up, no job should cost you your mental health and happiness. Be open and honest and have that conversation with your boss. What can happen is that adjustments are made. A fresh start feels empowering, but if you don’t understand the real reasons why you feel unhappy, unfulfilled or demotivated, what happens is that these are then transferred to your next job.”

Karen Jayne Harris, Senior Consultant continues the theme of understanding where the frustrations are and the conversations that need to be had. “Have a real understanding of what you are lacking. Whilst a recruitment consultant is always there for the next role, speak to those around you first. Empathy and understanding from others can support you from where you are to where you want to go. It could mean a new task is set, working alongside new colleagues, a project that compliments your main job, it all comes down to knowing that your job evolves just as much as you do.”

The answer to what to do if you are feeling unfulfilled isn’t always to leave your job straight away. What this means is that you are looking at where you are right now, when sometimes it’s about looking forwards, what can be adjusted and what the future presents.

If you have exhausted all avenues, then it could be time to progress and look to new opportunities with the TeamJobs team and look at what you should do next that ties in with your motivators, values and what makes you happy and content with your work.