What We Learned In 2021

What We Learned In 2021

The end of the year means a time of reflection and looking back on how our work lives have shaped.

Some of the team share how their 2021 fared. Whilst 2020 was a year no one had encountered before, has this year addressed the balance when it comes to the job as a recruiter and the industry we are a part of?

Lindae Fyffe, from the Recruitment Consultancy team says, “2021 has been the year I have learned that a recruiter earns their worth when a consultative aspect comes into play. Recruitment can be a transactional industry, meaning you put someone in a job, you move on to the next candidate. A consultant approach is where a conversation with clients and candidates comes from a place of sharing knowledge, trends and our own experiences. It’s being in tune with the marketplace as well as the people you communicate with. This is how you build rapport and has now set the benchmark for me into next year.”

Ebony Whelan, Junior Recruitment Consultant, is one of our newest team members. Ebony says, “I’ve finished the year in a good place with my new role. What feels good is working with candidates and seeing them happy with a new job. I recognise that a recruiter can make an impact on someone’s livelihood. Seeing a candidate move through the early application stages to an acceptance at a new company gives a real sense of purpose to what I do. This is something I haven’t experienced before.”

The world of flexibility is something that Anna Wieczorek-Zaremba, Key Account Manager, takes from 2021, “This year has seen my children start pre-school as well as school. This can add a lot of pressure to the day, particularly with the client's demands. However, the approach to flexible working has been so valuable this year. It is here to stay and that can only be a good thing.”

Rob Bruce, Senior Recruitment Consultant looks at the difference between this year compared to 2020 as a breath of fresh air. Rob says, “2021 was the year the recruitment industry learned to adapt, we all had to. Even within TeamJobs we went through our own restructuring. The systems, tech and resilience have made us all stronger. Whilst the UK job vacancies have soared to a record high and the issues remain for companies to find staff, for the recruitment industry, this presents a challenge we are all ready for.”

2021 has delivered a year where people picked themselves up and became stronger. As people and businesses stuck together, it presents new hurdles to face and rewards and opportunities to be uncovered.