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We provide an awesome place to work

So you have heard it all before: a recruitment company telling you how great they are! We are not here to tell you that. What we can say is that if you want to feel valued and come on an exciting journey of personal and financial growth with some inspirational people then keep reading 

We have built our business by making a difference. Making a difference to our clients and candidates by giving them all a little part of who we are, what we stand for. We do this by making a difference to our staff by really caring about who they are and what is important to them. Behaviour breeds behaviour so our dynamics as a team directly influence how we are with others around us: We WILL look after you, we WILL value you, we WILL listen to what’s important to you, we WILL go the extra mile to meet your expectations.

Team Jobs Beach Workout
Team Jobs Waterpark Newforest

Benefits with bells on

 No probation

When you join our team you are one of us from day one. You will not have to pass probation! I mean we have given you a job because we believe in you right? So instead, we will give you the best onboarding process you have ever had: full of support, coaching, leadership and fun! Yes fun we believe in having lots of fun and know that if you get up each day wanting to be with your team then you will perform at your best.

 3 Personal days

We know life can throw stuff at you so on top of your holidays we will give you 3 personal days. Yes 3 days you can do with what you like and they don’t affect your holiday entitlement! Go shopping with a friend, spend time with your family or just chill out  

 Paid Charity Day

We believe in giving a bit back so you can have a paid day to do some charity work of your choice. Do that sponsored bike ride you’ve been talking about for ages, clean the beach or just spend a day helping people its up to you.

 Hybrid working and flexibility

We believe in physical and mental health and give you the opportunity to participate (in work time) in 2 paid personal training sessions a week. An early finish on a Friday and the flexibility to work from home when you need to so you can take care of that life admin that sometimes gets in the way.

 Snack boxes for remote workers

Working remotely doesn’t mean you are any less of a team member than anyone else. Just because you are not in the office and can’t benefit from our free drinks and snacks doesn’t mean we will leave you out…… so once a month we send the snacks to you… just to let you know you are awesome and need some treats just like the rest of us!

 Awesome trips and days away

Oh and we do some awesome stuff as a team. We say work hard and play hard so if its weekends away with your team, fun at the water park, team self-defence lessons or just pints at the pub we know how to have fun together.

Who are TeamJobs?

Great companies are all about a clear vision and passion. 20 years ago, our CEO Jason Gault created a business that is all about people, success and going the extra mile. A firm believer that success is not just about smashing out great numbers each month BUT also about getting balance. Balance at work, at home and in ourselves.

We believe in being good at what we do and will encourage you to specialize and be an expert in your field. Someone your clients and peers will respect and value as a ‘go to’ in their network. We have great breadth in our proposition as a provider of temporary, permanent, retained and MSP so the possibilities for growth are endless.

The best part is we have some amazing clients who have worked with us for many years so when you join us it will not feel like starting again. We have clients who need to speak to you today!

Oh and we won Dorset company of the year against some fantastic businesses  

Team Jobs Days Out

Hear from our team talk about their personal progression

When we say the team are everything we mean it and here are two of our team talking about their experience at TeamJobs.


Amber’s Story

Amber joined TeamJobs as PA to the CEO. If you have potential to grow we do not hold you back. Amber now manages a Key Division of our business.

Jordan’s Story

Jordan had never worked in recruitment when she joined TeamJobs but we knew she had huge potential. Jordan is now on a fast track training programme to Senior Consultant in under 2 years.

Jason Gault CEO

Last but not least here is Jason Gault our CEO with a short message on why we believe we can offer you a great opportunity - Jason Gault CEO.

So what do you need to do now?

If you want us to prove we really mean what we say then pick up the phone and speak to our Operations Director – Lisa Payne on 07824427633 or [email protected]. Let’s have a discovery call to see how our future fits with your career plans and aspirations. We look forward to meeting you.

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