2022 Recruitment Trends To Think About

2022 Recruitment Trends To Think About

As we start to look towards the end of the year. What does next year have in store for both employers and those looking for that next career step?

Some of the team share their thoughts on what 2022 could have in store.

A trend towards the teachable workforce is something that Hannah Sills, TeamJobs Managing Director can see employers embracing even more. “The UK has a record number of students going to university this autumn, which has triggered the conversation on whether too many people are in fact going to university. I think this provides an opportunity for employers to present an emphasis on creating a teachable workforce.

“This means training and mentorship are provided within the business so staff become a real asset and everyone benefits. I genuinely see this as trend for the future. Employer branding is going to be vital.” 

When it comes to entering university in 2021, the number of students securing places this year is up by 5% on 2020, according to University and College Admissions Service (UCAS).

When it comes to social media Lucy Eaton, Senior Account Manager, sees the mix of experiences delivered to candidates. Lucy explains, “I work a lot of the time with people where English is not their first language, so the language used on places such as Facebook has to be in a much more personable and friendly way. There is so much more choice today, that as a recruiter, you have to go the extra mile. Similarly on LinkedIn where a lot more headhunting is for the passive market, you have to be tuned into the unwritten etiquette of each platform.

“Where we are heading, gone are the days of just using social to purely promote open positions (however, this will always be there), the experience has to suit the individual and the channel.”

Rob Bruce recognises that 2020 made sure everyone was digitally enabled, in 2022 he highlights efficiencies in streamlining. Rob says, “Video interviews are now so comfortable with people today, it’s just going to become the way we work. I highlight the word ‘streamlining’ as the proof will be there to see. For instance, virtual/remote recruitment can speed up the hiring process and data is encouraging decision making.”

2022 is within reaching distance and as each year progresses it presents new challenges and opportunities. Gone are the days of relentless printing from the office machine and adapting to modern technologies and people learning together. 

Traditional approaches will always be here, but how the industry evolves and how that presents closer bonds to clients and candidates can ensure a smooth transition as each year progresses. We have certainly come a long way in a matter of years, the future presents an exciting path to follow.