What Makes A Good Recruiter, Even If You Don’t Have Years Of Experience?

What Makes A Good Recruiter, Even If You Don’t Have Years Of Experience?

A recruitment career can be rewarding, even if you don’t have years under your belt.

Experience always helps progress, in terms of familiarity within the industry as well as building a reputation. However, a successful recruiter can still build credibility, confidence and a commercial approach during their early years in the profession.

Let’s share from some of our team how they have thrived during 2022 and what they have learned. 

Imogen Hudson, Recruitment Consultant, has seen her role progress to the consultancy side this year and shares her highlight from the year. “Working on a huge UK air show, has shown that planning can be your best friend. We registered over 300 candidates and learned so much from this experience. When it comes to size and scale, timekeeping and structure is vital.”

“You also play multiple roles, what can be sourcing team members can move to the day-to-day admin of keeping everything on track. When you start in recruitment, being a team player is a huge trait to have.” 

Kimberley Best, progressed to Specialist Marketing Recruiter in 2022 and is now in her second year as a recruiter. “A milestone from this year has been hitting my best month, during September. We’re all aware this is a results based industry, so reaching targets gives such a boost. It all comes from the time it takes to build relationships and invest in the people we all work with.”

For Lucy Sinclair, Recruitment Consultant, has seen a switch in her career in 2022. “I have been a part of TeamJobs since May and before this my world was in the property sector. One of the team members (Lucy Eaton), gave me the confidence to make that step. When you don’t come into an industry with an abundance of experience, you tune into others and improve over time. You celebrate the small and big wins. For instance, I hit my targets early and billing from my second month. Building trust with candidates and clients are so important, it doesn’t matter what stage you are at.”

Similar to Lucy, Shannon Milne started in 2022 (in September as Recruitment Consultant) and shares her progression, “My industry before recruitment was banking. Whilst my day was interacting with people, it was still a different sector. Working with Megan Austwick, I am on a huge learning and development journey. For me, the reward is being aware of the processes involved and recognising that a fresh slate can give you such a lift, both professionally and personally. Looking forward to what 2023 has in store.”

Let’s share some of the key traits for starting a successful career as a recruiter when you don’t have years of experience:


  • Planning can guide the day
  • Team playing mentality 
  • The focus on building relationships and rapport
  • Self-improvement is always ongoing 
  • Embracing multiple roles is important
  • Treating everyone with respect and courtesy
  • Recognise the learning journey you are on (it’s constant)


Building recognition as a recruiter doesn’t necessarily need years of experience, more the ability to feel a part of something with a dependable team around you and the interactions that help build character and self-assurance.