Creating A Positive Candidate Experience

Creating A Positive Candidate Experience

The candidate experience represents the entirety of interactions, engagements and conversations during the hiring process. From the initial approach, online interaction, screening and the interview stages, they all count.

Companies are currently receiving an interest in roles they probably have never seen before. It is now not uncommon to receive over 100 applications for a job. However, people still need to have a positive experience, whether they are successful or not. The application experience does matter.

According to recruitment software brand Lever, 80% of job seekers said they would not reapply to a company that failed to notify them of their application status.

So, how can employers create an encouraging experience where people know they have been treated fairly and had positive exposure to your company. Hannah Sills, Head of Permanent Recruitment says, “It is important for employers to remember they are the ones in control of the whole process, they can also create a positive journey for others, even if people are rejected. From start to finish, regardless of social media posts, screening, video interviews or tests, it all comes down to how the lines of communication are flowing.”

Hannah highlights that in a time where applications for roles can be prolific, communication has to be the backbone of all engagement. “From basic acknowledgement from an email to confirmation of the next steps, there is a responsibility to instil trust in others. Even for those who are unsuccessful, there still has to be an expression of gratitude and we move on. People don’t want to be kept hanging on.”

It is important to remember that a person’s experience throughout the whole application and interview phases has to be reflective of what it is like to work for a company. Hannah says, “It is just as important to deliver an encouraging impression as an employer, as it is for a candidate to demonstrate that they are the best person for the role.”

In a survey from Career Builder, nearly 4 in 5 candidates (78%) said the overall candidate experience they receive represents how a company values its teams.

When it comes to treating candidates well, it all comes down to keeping everyone in the loop. A positive impression can work both ways.

As businesses start to find momentum again, everyone wants a positive experience from the recruitment journey, no matter what side they sit on.