Does Recruitment Slow Down In The Summer?

Does Recruitment Slow Down In The Summer?

As we all start to look to the summer, the world of recruitment can slow down in these coming months. However, with a year that feels slightly different in 2021, the quieter periods may not be as prominent.

The TeamJobs team shares how they look at this summer in terms of productivity.

Summer usually presents a time for holidays and kicking back. Michelle Whiteman, operations manager, highlights what every year presents, no matter the business. “It is wholly dependent on the industry sector, but the slight slowing down is down to two main points. Many clients are on holiday, so this means the decision process pauses and interview teams aren’t available. For candidates, summer presents a time when they are not as flexible and as well as holidays, there are child care issues. To some, fewer summer clubs can mean a real issue when it comes to working. Summer is fantastic, but it also presents a testing time for many people.”

Jaime Rana, senior consultant, highlights that 2021 presents a year unlike any other. “I have not seen a calming down in the build-up to summer. Holidays can delay interviews and can be different for industries, but I’m not seeing a slower moving process. This is certainly a time of flux. From my side, there is a momentum, it doesn’t matter what season we are in.”

To give some balance this year isn’t necessarily sensitive to seasonal change, according to job search engine, Adzuna, the United Kingdom saw advertised job vacancies increase 45% between the end of March and the middle of June this year.

Hannah Sills, head of permanent and specialist recruitment, looks at the societal changes that have happened could be a reason why sectors are busy for this time of year. “It will be interesting to see, where normally for three weeks from the end of July, people are travelling, but with holidays predominantly restricted to the UK this year, does this mean that the seasonal breaks are not as clear? I don’t have the answer, but will be interesting to see.” 

Even though summer does not look as though it’s a quieter season in 2021, keeping momentum during the year helps when planning is involved. Hannah says, “It all comes down to how people set up their day and plan the diary. Productivity doesn’t have to stop, employers are affected by many variables including market conditions and having to find roles unexpectedly. Positions can open up at any time, it doesn’t mean a summer lull.” 

Whilst recruitment cycles do ebb and flow if you think that this summer means a slowing down, that is not necessarily the case. If you want to be on someone's radar, now presents a good time to be seen.