Employing People With The Stamp Of Approval

Employing People With The Stamp Of Approval

Where we are today, one thing that a company can’t have is wastage. Employees need to fit in and feel a part of their new workplace and culture. Understanding candidates and knowing them well helps with the recruitment fit for others.  

The winning relationships made with candidates helps build a profile of who they are, build a strong rapport, so the transition to a new space, feels smooth.
Technical Manager, Rob Bruce says, “A company that is sourcing their candidates directly, there is no way of knowing a person, apart from dates of employment on a CV to look at their social media profile. Do they know who they really are? There can be a huge element of risk involved.”

According to the High Right's employer screening report, 85% of employers caught candidates making false statements on their CVs.

For any good recruiter, it is not just about the number of industry contacts a person has but also the importance of having a rapport and knowing a candidate and their personality traits that can fit a future employer. Rob says, “There are moments when I am with a client and a job becomes available and what may look like I am deep in thought and quiet. This is because I’ll be thinking about the type of person that will fit the role.”

“It all comes down to everyone being well matched.”

Trust works on both sides. Not only is an employer putting faith in the candidate, but they are also relying on the industry knowledge and expertise from a recruiter. It is the industry knowledge that helps build a resource of candidates.

Rob comments, “It is similar to buying a car or a new home, you put trust in an agent who is going to share with you a portfolio that fits what you are looking for. When you know the customer well and also what the ideal person who matches what they looking for, there are so many benefits. You can save time, you can save costs and you can employ someone where both sides are suited.”

The people around us are integral to our future success. Knowing that the candidates who build their careers at a new business come recommended and considered, before a CV is sent, can provide peace of mind and a good business sense.