Explaining Why You Want To Leave

Explaining Why You Want To Leave

When it comes to the first steps for your next job, you are always going to explain why you are leaving. Honesty can pay dividends.

Whether it is for personal reasons or a professional decision made, there is always a reason why people leave their jobs. Don’t hide from it, be open with a consultant.

The team highlight how you should approach this topic and why it aids their process in helping you find your next role where you’ll be happier, more fulfilled and looking back, was the right decision made to move on.

Kimberley Best, Recruitment Consultant shares her side and that it’s a situation for candidate and recruiter to work out together. “I always encourage people to be upfront and tell me. This then helps me share with an employer. For instance, I’d never say ‘this person was burned out and left,’ an underlying reason is far more simple to explain, such as a person who wants to embrace a more defined work-life balance.”

Yasmin Cottrell, Senior Industrial Permanent Consultant, emphasises that openness at the beginning of your conversations with a recruiter means that roles can be tailored to fit you. “If someone said that a reason they left was that a high-pressure environment had taken its toll, then I wouldn’t consider a target-driven opportunity. By listening to a valid reason, helps set the path for the next role. It all helps to build a profile you are looking to support.”

However, people do hold back. Ryan Morling Industrial Recruitment Specialist identifies why people could start in a cautious place when it comes to why they left. “It’s because they think it might stop them getting work. If someone was struggling, it’s not because they weren’t fit for the job, it’s because they could have a lot on their plate at that point in time. If someone is looking for their next job, perhaps they don’t want to say anything negative as might create the wrong perception? The reason I ask is that I can grasp your values and what you want from their next job.”

Being truthful and honest is the only way to be when it comes to explaining the reasons why you want to leave. This also extends to references made and contacting previous employers.

Look at it another way, the reason why you want to leave is that you are now ready for a new challenge and an opportunity to make an impact in a new company. The reasons can be a lot simpler than you think.