Finding The Cutting Edge

Finding The Cutting Edge

For all businesses, everyone has come a long way since the start of the year and as we now approach the latter months of 2020, no one can get complacent.

Having a cutting edge is vital and casts inactivity and inertia to the side. It is safe to say that things just aren’t the same.

Sally Bennett, Executive Manager says, “Companies can’t go back to where they were and at the same time perhaps now look completely different from the start of 2020. People are coming back into the workplace from furlough, but businesses have to be aware that they have changed and almost nurture an employee as they are a new member of staff.”

We have all reshaped and if there is a reluctance to innovate, a hesitancy to communicate with those around us or the false hope that customers won’t change, can put companies in a difficult position.

Sally highlights the importance of keeping a team ethos very much at the centre of ongoing progress. “A huge turning point for this year has been how people can adapt to their roles as the world around them is changing. As well as those people back from furlough, you cannot forget those people who have been resilient and worked through the pandemic. Everyone has a role to play to keep sharp and forward-focused. Relationship management is important.”

People and businesses have had to come out of their comfort zone and whilst it has been unsettling for many businesses, a way forward is to set new goals. Sally explains, “It’s good to reach milestones, acknowledge and celebrate, then it is time to set another. This is where new energy comes in and on a personal basis, the aspirations we set on a career level.”

From a recruitment perspective, 2020 has seen progress with remote working, efficiencies with technology, the ease of video interviewing and business agility.

Keeping a cutting edge comes with the right attitude and approach that will benefit businesses for the rest of the year and into the future.