Has The Way Companies Hire Changed Forever?

Has The Way Companies Hire Changed Forever?

Many companies have significantly changed the way they recruit, but the process is something that hasn’t shifted too much. 

Whilst the move to video interviewing, less need for paper-based application and hybrid working has become commonplace for many, the move to digital capabilities happened before the pandemic. The TeamJobs team looks at how the recruitment industry is changing. Is it as drastic as some make it to be?

Lisa Payne, Operations Director says, “We are always going to see patterns and changes of behaviour. For instance, the UK has hit a record high in the job market (availability reached 953,000 in the three months to July) but companies are finding it challenging to find candidates. We are now seeing a shift to what employees are expecting from others and what they want out of life. Employers have to be tuned into that.”

Rather than being drastic, Jaime Rana, Senior Recruitment Consultant has noted a relaxed shift. “Interviews are still the same, but perhaps when on video the dress code can be slightly more casual. People who interview well on video are those who are prepared. I would say it has created a new dimension. Before the interview process starts, it’s always good to know what people are comfortable with. For instance, the expectation to visit an office or to be conducted online.”

Rob Bruce, Senior Recruitment Consultant sees the shift in recruitment patterns as something that is company-dependent. “Some clients may still want a face-to-face interview at some point. They want candidates to come in and show them around. This is how conversations spark and people can feel relaxed. Perhaps we won’t always have the first interview in an office, but it still presents a base to highlight. The biggest recruitment change for everyone has been how people are not in the same room together. The interview is still the same.

“Alternatively, a shift can be employers who are making that decision to work 100% remotely. The likes of Amazon, Adobe and Salesforce are seeing permanent remote working as the future of work. All decisions are company dependant and adapting to what feels right for them.”

One of the biggest shifts though has been the use of social media and utilising ready-made communities. Lucy Eaton, Senior Recruitment Consultant, explains, “Places such as Facebook have become a communications tool, rather than just posting job ads. For instance, I am a part of several community groups, so interaction and private messaging related to jobs happens there. For instance, I would post during the morning and catch up with people during the day. It then allows members to tell others and there becomes a real sense of familiarity. This to me is a significant recruitment shift, but one where relationships are still the glue that binds people.”

Technology has assisted speed and efficiencies when companies hire, but one thing we see is that the employer and candidate get the best from each other when at some point they can be together in person. New approaches are being embraced and the way that people recruit has changed and introducing new ideas will progress the industry momentum. However, the ability to interact and the way that conversations form, progress and decisions made on behalf of the candidate and employer will always be here.