How Different Is The Day To Day Compared To This Time Last Year?

How Different Is The Day To Day Compared To This Time Last Year?

What is happening now is reflective of what is happening for many companies as they dust themselves down and look for the impetus to progress and recruit.

From a business perspective, let’s share how things are now at TeamJobs when using 2020 as a yardstick.

One noticeable progression over the past few months has been our recruitment drive. With the demand from clients and sectors, means the requirement for talented recruiters. Hannah Sills, head of permanent and specialist recruitment, says, “Onboarding new team members goes hand in hand with the clients who want to work with us and building new relationships. By digging deep, as the economy begins to move, the demand for people builds and companies such as TeamJobs become a barometer for how the regional and national economy is progressing.”

According to the chief economist from the Institute of Directors, Tej Parikh, predicts that the UK economy is now on course for a significant bounce-back in 2021, even though the UK economy shrank by 1.5% in the first three months of the year (according to the BBC). He said, "The first quarter should mark the low point for the economy in 2021.”

Many people and businesses have experienced their own ‘low point,’ but ongoing communication has seen a shift. Michelle Mitchell, engineering and automotive manager, says, “The interaction and conversations from the team to clients are seeing a tone move from unease to optimism. For instance, what was centred around conversations on protecting and conserving from month to month, is now moving to strategically plan for the rest of the year.”

“Even as a business, you have to safeguard, think and act quickly. This has meant the introduction of new strands to the business, such as the development of the automotive and engineering division as well as our commercial cleaning business, TeamCleaning.”

The business shift is something that Vicki Reeks, industrial manager, highlights as ‘sharper business acumen.’ Vicki says, “No one ever wants to go back to how the world was, where the entire recruitment industry was devastated. Those who can live to tell the tale will be stronger for it. It has meant a robust business structure in place that champions partnerships and leadership. Whatever the company, recruiters have had to demonstrate resilience. Whether that is people adapting to sectors they are unfamiliar with, or just having a tenacious approach, businesses went leaner, to come out stronger.”

The day-to-day at TeamJobs now reflects an upbeat sense of optimism. Welcoming new team members as they settle in, getting to know clients and the way they work and the range of personalities that make up a business presents a bullish approach. Mix that with a company that can reflect and plan, alongside its current staff and committed clients proves that a rising tide can lift all boats.