Is It Ok To Be Refusing Roles?

Is It Ok To Be Refusing Roles?

Is it ok to refuse a role, if you do not think it is for you? Many people are looking for new opportunities as we approach autumn. What you need to consider is to find a position that will serve you well, even if it might not be what you are expecting.

Being offered a new job can always be a reason to celebrate. Then again it could also raise some serious decision-making before you commit.

Finding yourself in a new job that does not suit you can impact your happiness and also future decision making. For instance, the job you were really looking for, might not be here just yet and round the corner.

Jordan Ball, from our resource team, says, “Most people want a job that pays ok and they feel happy. You have to be comfortable and know what you want in a job. Look at the skills you have and what you want to gain. Will a new job provide you the opportunity to develop the skillsets you currently have? Even if a role is similar to what you had (or have), is there a way to take on more responsibility or even a structured path of promotion?”

It is ok to be choosy about a new role, but there is another aspect to always have in mind. Whilst money should not be the prime decision for a new job, if you are financially squeezed, then a more practical approach is that money does have higher importance.

Jordan says, “If you are currently out of work, it can be dispiriting and that’s not the best place to be. Taking an offer could help you put you back on your feet and even put you in a more competitive place for the jobs you have your sights on. Look at it another way, if you think you might not like what is presented to you, you might be surprised. It could provide real stability and even progression.”

When it comes to choosing your career and job opportunities, there is no straight path.

Over time it represents a series of decisions and commitments to get you to a place where you discover what it takes to be content, happy and fulfilled both professionally and personally.