Is It Ok To Take A Job, But Still Look For Another Job?

Is It Ok To Take A Job, But Still Look For Another Job?

Waiting for the right job can take a while, and at the same time the bills still need to be paid.

Sometimes you might want to take a job, but at the same time keep your options open and look for other opportunities that may be out there. After all, it is a candidate-driven market today.

However, can that be harmful to your overall efforts or is it ok to keep looking until you feel settled? 

The government has been urged to focus on supporting mothers, older workers and those with a disability into and in the workforce to reduce the increased number of people classed as economically inactive. Official figures showed a rise of 565,000 people in economic inactivity between 2019 and the end of 2022.

When getting back into work, should you keep your options open? Take a job but look for a job, isn’t that unsettling?

Jordan Ball, Senior Industrial Recruitment Consultant says, ‘There are two sides. I want candidates to stay with me, there is a lot of effort that goes into another person and the time in takes to build a rapport. At the same time, people need to cover their outgoings each month. A balance is good, remember that not every job has to be the dream job.’

Georgia Brooker, Financial Recruitment Consultant shares her thoughts, ‘Everybody has a level of curiosity to see what else is out there. However, as the saying goes, the grass is not always greener. My suggestion is to think of a temporary option. This could be beneficial, particularly if you have been inactive for a while. It does happen when temporary roles lead to permanent, plus gives the added bonus of feeling settled and becoming familiar within the company you are committing to.” 

Kat Bielecka, Recruitment Consultant says, “A middle ground has to be considered. For instance, if a company invests in a person such as training, integrates them within the business, helps to prioritise a balance and just invests time and energy to make them feel a part of a team, to be continually looking elsewhere does not seem fair, when someone else is putting effort and consideration into you.” 

Karen Jayne Harris, Senior Consultant, shares her experience. “My advice I give is to come back to why a job interested you, why did you take it, and what were the triggers that made you accept. Explore the development of what a job can provide. Never take a role just for the sake of it, you’ll only remain unhappy and be in a similar position in a few months.”

It’s safe to say that you shouldn’t accept any job, even if there are priorities you need to address. Be clear on what you want and how your skills and strengths can align.

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