Is Jan. The Best Month For A New Job?

Is Jan. The Best Month For A New Job?

The start of 2022 presents an opportunity for everyone.

You’re probably well versed with the ‘new year, new career’ mantra, but why is January historically regarded as the best time of year to find a new job?

The team shares how it all comes together for the start of year high for getting hired.

Kimberley Best, Recruitment Consultant brings it to one word, opportunity. “For most industries, now is the time to be looking for a new job. It presents the optimism where people are ready to get back to work. The decision-makers are all back together, so responses can be swift and the whole mood is ready to progress for the year ahead.”

Lucy Eaton, National Industrial Division Manager recognises people want stability when having time to reflect and pick back up. Lucy says, “It’s the natural place to start from and build. For instance, my team had a very busy end to 2021, so now is a time to pick up the conversations again. It’s the line in the sand moment for everyone to start with a clean page. Whether looking for new team members or a new job, it’s the fresh start that is in all of us.”

Lindae Fyffe, Recruitment Consultant knows that January is the best time to look for a new job based on budget allocation. Lindae says. “Where money flows, opportunity follows. When hiring managers have their finances assigned for the year, this gives candidates a better opportunity at finding their new job. Some of the hiring delays that could have been present a few months earlier can now start to progress.”

Jaime Rana, Senior Recruitment Consultant looks at the world slightly differently today. “The January boost as the best time to look for a job is something that has been inherited for generations. It’s almost an assumption that we can all slow down and know that the rulebook tells us to pick back up in January.”

“For instance, two senior candidates decided not to commit at the end of last year when the opportunity was there for them. I think that inertia affects behaviour. Personally, there are no best times of year to apply for jobs, it’s just being prepared and knowing that the next career move is just around the corner, it doesn’t have to depend on month.”

Motivation and a fresh start is something that applies to employers and candidates.

Whilst for many people it could be a sluggish start as they find their flow again, as the weeks progress it presents a huge opportunity for a successful 2022.