Lessons From The Sea Of Change In 2020

Lessons From The Sea Of Change In 2020

The ‘recruitment’ product is still the same, it’s how it’s delivered that has adapted.

Let’s share some of the lessons from the TeamJobs team from this year. 

When the first wave of the pandemic struck during Spring, we collectively prepared for change. An obvious fear of uncertainty and unease was evident, but now that we’ve learned to steer the way we work, we have become more comfortable in this new normal.

Lauren Harris, technical consultant, recognises the thing that cemented the recruitment industry, relationships, had to adapt. “I have lived a career, where contact and seeing people is the heartbeat of the everyday. When you lose that face-to-face interaction it is heightened. The rapport we all have is so important. We have adjusted to the video format with job interviews and communication, it just encourages physical proximity differently. This could see a huge change for many years to come.”

As the world altered, the importance of being relevant to others was magnified. Hannah Sills, head of permanent recruitment, explains, “A business has to be meaningful in their marketplace. A recruitment consultancy doesn’t have to be everything to everyone. Whilst companies may have many sectors they specialise in, a solutions-led approach centred on relationships, not just a transactions will always win.”

“2020 has meant we have all had to diversify, but this doesn’t necessarily mean doing something different, just a different way. The pandemic is not the first, nor will it be the last, turbulent force to impact businesses.”

In a recent article, Lucy Eaton, key account manager from the TeamJobs industrial team commented that high volume hiring is still happening. Lucy said, “Festive jobs are very much a part of this year's activity. We currently have 500 people working per day in the seasonal space. With what has happened this year, it doesn’t necessarily show a break from tradition when it comes to Christmas jobs.”

The challenges that we have all faced, one thing that remains, when you enjoy your work, everything else can fall into place. Sally Bennett, our executive manager, concludes, “Whether a candidate or a client if you enjoy what you do, things do come to you. 2020 may have felt like a slog for many people, but the effort can become magnified. If you are searching for the perfect job, I would say enjoy the way you are doing your present one and the commitment you have and the expertise you bring.”  

Everyone has experienced some form of difficulty this year. One thing we have recognised as a recruitment consultancy is how resilient people can be. From candidates discovering a new workplace to clients adapting within their sector, everyone is making a real difference. That is something to savour and not forget, even during the tough times.