Looking Ahead For Recruitment In 2021

Looking Ahead For Recruitment In 2021

Let us share with you what we are noticing from a recruitment perspective that provides the seeds of hope and momentum.

Sally Bennett, executive manager, recognises a significant increase in roles within the tech industry, “The boom in digitisation happened during the pandemic and it is going to be here after the pandemic. We are seeing the development of digital business opportunities, particularly within the software as a service (SaaS) industry. For instance, you probably know someone who now has a Peloton?”

According to new figures (December 2020) from Tech Nation job vacancies dropped in the UK during summer 2020. However, they have since grown 50 percent and are now increasing at a rate of 2.6 per month. This points to the strength of the UK digital sector, which now accounts for 10% of all UK job openings.

The team is also seeing a more considered approach from both clients and candidates. Rob Bruce, technical manager says, “During 2020 we were all place into a very unsettling place and a sense of distress was prevalent. What we are seeing and what will continue are people selecting the jobs that feel right for them.” 

“On the client-side companies are recruiting for the right reasons and putting thought into the people that they want to join them. It’s gradual, but a turnaround is happening. This is a stark contrast to the panic that many companies faced and looking to change their whole way of operating, overnight. Businesses have adapted and recognising new ways to carry them forward in 2021.”

With the new lockdown in place, Hannah Sills, head of permanent and specialist recruitment, can see a definite difference. “Whilst we are all currently in a similar place in terms of lockdown, what is different now is the mindset. Businesses have modified how they behave, diversified into new product areas and embraced flexibility and adaptability in how they work. What this provides are new roles to identify and fill and new decisions to make. It all comes down to having a sense of calm and then finding the people who are the right fit.”

Whilst everyone’s career has been impacted in some way by the pandemic, we can all look ahead and see the trends and opportunities that are presented and to be aware of.

As we all navigate a return to normal, which has become our adjusted normal, the transformations from a volatile year are presenting new possibilities.