Recruitment Advice For The End Of The Year

Recruitment Advice For The End Of The Year

Perhaps the events of 2020 have thrown your career aspirations off-kilter and the career route you wanted to progress looks different from the start of the year? Let’s help with getting things on track for 2021, but also recognising that the end of the year also means a time to reflect.

Rob recognises the importance to use the end of the year to be clear on what you want, “As Christmas gives time to wind down, use it as a way to define your goals. Do you want to move to the next level in your profession? Has 2020 taught you that a less stressful job is important? Are you looking for more learning and personal/professional development opportunities from a new employer? Make sure that the decisions you make form part of your long term plan.”

Vicki Reeks shares the importance of spending time creating a CV that represents you, “It is far too easy to send to a recruiter (or potential employer) a templated covering letter with generic statements that have been used time and time again. The cut and paste approach is something that people can see from a long way off. Spend time recognising the difference you have made over the years and the skill sets you have accumulated over your career. For instance, create a folder on your computer where you can store your professional activities and achievements.”

Even though 2020 has presented a huge amount of twists and turns, filled with anxiety, fear, hope, and belief, one thing always remains, the opportunity to make a difference. There are businesses that are looking for team members to make an impact and drive momentum. As Sally Bennett said in a recent article, on lessons from 2020, “Whether a candidate or a client if you enjoy what you do, things do come to you.”

Hannah says, “Let's not all loose the mantra that we found in 2020 where traits of kindness and togetherness were key. At the start of the pandemic, clients and candidates became people where we could all have an open conversation and stand shoulder to shoulder. Just being there for others was magnified. As we look to find momentum and move forward, we can’t forget the importance of the partnerships and co-operation that helped each other. We can’t lose kindness and look at that as a positive trait.”

Staying the course during 2020 can help shape future aspirations. Knowing what has been taken on board and achieved this year becomes the building blocks for the foundation of a hopeful 2021.