Some Tips To Fine Tune In 2021

Some Tips To Fine Tune In 2021

From those people who spend their lives nurturing and developing candidates, here are the suggestions from Vicki Reeks and Rob Bruce on what you need to be aware of and what many employers always look out for from the onset.

An aspect that Rob Bruce notices is the importance of being proactive. Rob says, “It is fair to say that we are working within competitive marketplaces, but this still provides opportunity. It could be as simple as a routine to chase up the CV you have sent, but it could also mean a more considered approach. For instance, I would say don’t fire out CVs, by this I mean a generic CV that is sent to every potential employer. Everyone is different, a welder with a wealth of experience who is considering a quality control position, it would be wise to suggest a separate CV. Every job comes with varying experience, knowledge and skills required.”

One thing to keep in mind for the rest of the year that will never change with the seasons is the importance of the first impression. Vicki says, ”It is an instinct for employers to form an opinion the first time they meet someone (this is also true of candidates forming an opinion of a potential employer too). From a video interview to the first day of work, courtesy and respect go a very long way.

According to a university study, looking at the person you are having that conversation in the eye (or if it’s on your computer on the dot at the top of the screen) was a factor for your perceived smartness. It all comes down to looking whilst speaking. How you present yourself matters in your job search.

A final approach that can help you in 2021 is the ability to listen and be aware of alternatives. Rob says, “From a recruiter perspective we ask people to trust us, in terms of market knowledge and the professional relationships we have. Strength comes from candidates being aware of options and asking questions when new possibilities are presented. I have had many conversations with candidates on recognising alternative roles. What starts as an unfamiliar conversation, becomes a confident next step.”

Being tuned into 2021 and finding opportunity comes from having a plan in place and being seen.

If you need some guidance, we are here for you. Companies are hiring all year round, it’s about being in the best place and creating an impression that helps your career and development.