The Biggest Changes In Recruitment

The Biggest Changes In Recruitment

The world of recruitment is a lot different from where it was a few years ago.

New processes, industry advancements and objectives in recruitment present new challenges and opportunities for everyone. However, when you stop and look back, we have seen so much change.

Let’s highlight some of the biggest changes some of the team have seen in their career, over the past five years or more.

Gemma Emery, Commercial Consultant has been with the company for ten years and has seen huge advances in the digitisation of the industry, “There was a time when organisation with registration packs took up a large part of the day. Making available online, only helps with efficiency. Buying clothes, the weekly shopping and booking holidays are all done online. This is the same for recruitment. When I started, social media was a new recreation tool, our professional careers didn’t have a place that was visible, apart from a CV. Today, places such as LinkedIn are pivotal channels.”

A more recent shift has been the power balance between candidates and employer. Ryan Morling, Industrial Recruitment Specialist, with seven years experience explains. “When I started within the industry, the scenario was a high number of people chasing a limited number of jobs. Where we are today, businesses are challenged to attract the best candidates.

“Companies now need to put the extra effort in standing out to look of interest to new team members, rather than vice versa. The businesses who are reaching their goals are working in a partnership-driven dynamic with their recruiters, to get their offer to candidates, just right.”

Yasmin Cottrell, Senior Industrial Permanent Consultant has been in the industry for nine years and has seen a huge rise in the number of recruitment companies from when she started. “Competition is good for everyone as it keeps us all on our toes. It has been notable the number of start-ups and niche operators within different sectors. What it means is greater expectations from everyone, so we all have to raise our game and keep to high standards. From where we are to where we are heading companies will be focusing on the consultants they want to work with, as change is constant.”

As people enter the workforce and technological advances shape our world, the recruiting processes will continue to change and adapt alongside.

A lot has changed in the past few years, but providing a great customer experience is what will carry candidates, employers and recruiters into the years that are in front of us.