The Biggest Mistakes On CVs

The Biggest Mistakes On CVs

Making the right first impression usually starts with a CV, don’t waste that moment as you make your next step.

Some of the TeamJobs team share what lets candidates down, from their own experiences over the years and how to avoid them. For this article, let’s look beyond the spelling mistakes and what can hamper your first efforts. 

Kimberley Best, Recruitment Consultant, shares her side, “A CV is not a way to share everything you have ever done. Something many people forget is how to present their employment history. Make sure you list your most recent (or current job) first. The reason is that an employer can see where you are today and then glance at your history, it shouldn’t be your earlier jobs at the top.” 

When it comes to order and dates, Rachel Syms, Commercial Manager suggests to be precise, “A chaotic CV could mean missing out your most recent employment, it becomes a life story beyond two pages or dates that just don’t link up, it does happen. Gaps are absolutely fine to have, from travelling, raising a family to losing a job, people don’t need to hide or find something false. If you want to be seen in the best light, put a couple of hours aside and keep your CV simple and clear.”

Harriet Wilson, Assistant Operations Manager, highlights that a CV that hides the truth can be frustrating for everyone, “We need to sell someone to get the job they deserve, so leaving out important information can be harmful. What happens is that at some point the truth comes out. We’re here to back people up and represent them, so we all just need to start from a place that is trustworthy.”

Roxanne Dunlop, Recruitment Consultant, believes that less is often more, be aware of who is going to be reading. Roxanne says, “The ‘not relevant hobbies’ is something that people ignore. You don’t need to include: going to the cinema, walks or golf when my family allows! Employers don’t need to know that if you are going for an admin role or a management position.”

The message from the team is to always remember that your CV has to be specific to where you are today and if you are applying for a particular role, make it relevant. When it comes to spell checking and consistency use free apps such as Grammarly and Hemingway.

The simplicity of the CV is the attention to detail. From making sure you have your contact details clearly on the page to keeping the fonts consistent throughout, what distracts candidates are the simple things that can be rectified. 

The easier you make your CV on the eye, the greater the opportunity for people to see the talented person you are.