The Career Side Step To A Stronger Future

The Career Side Step To A Stronger Future

The unexpected devastation of the pandemic has put many people in unfamiliar territory and to rethink their careers. Rather than being uncertain and carrying on regardless, pursuing a different path with a career change can be a considered and worthwhile option.

From a recent survey by Totaljobs, 70% of workers are now more likely to consider a side step into a new industry. Some of the factors for doing this come down to challenging ourselves, an improved work-life balance and the importance of job security.

Emma Porter, TeamJobs Account Manager says, “Employers want to see resilience and grit from others, not necessarily previous job performance. I have seen this myself over the years where people come into a new industry and progress.”

“If there is a sense of trepidation by setting foot into a new industry that you are unfamiliar with, you can’t dwell on the now, you have to think about the progression. For instance, shifts can happen internally, where someone starts as a part of the welding department to a future role as part of the office team. I have witnessed this.”

There are still opportunities for people who are looking for a change in career, but, understandably, a career sidestep can be seen as a daunting prospect. Emma highlights, “Rather than looking it as a risk or taking a chance, look at it as continual improvement.”

“Recognise the competencies you have built up over the years that can be transferred to a new industry that can add real value. You have likely accumulated skills during your career that can help you in a host of new positions. This is what makes you attractive to a new employer, in a different space.”

One thing that the coronavirus has taught us all is the importance of flexibility. Emma says, “The job market has shifted to reward those people who are adaptable. You just never know where the future may lie.”

Whilst a side step to a new industry can be seen as a step into the unknown, it can be the first step to building momentum for a new career. It can be overwhelming thinking about the bigger picture, all it needs is that initial commitment and conversation to make that step to a better future.