The Sectors In Demand

The Sectors In Demand

Industries with a consumer demand are weathering the challenges of 2020. There are industries and product lines that are benefitting from the pandemic. This is something that is noted within the TeamJobs divisions. 

Whilst it is a rough ride, there are bright sides to share. During October, the volume of UK job adverts posted was at 61% of the 2019 average, according to the Office For National Statistics (ONS). This represents the highest since the start of April 2020. 

Yasmin Cottrell, key account manager from the industrial team, shares why the demand for roles continues, “Naturally, everyone has been affected in one way or another, but roles that have a requirement in sectors such as warehouse and factory work have been encouraging. For instance, a client who specialises in the home improvement industry has been going from strength to strength. As much of this year has been spent at home, many households have switched attention to upgrading their space. This has meant a demand for new staff to cater for demand.”

Yasmin recognises the impact this has for candidates. “I know that a lot of the news is negative and you have probably heard of stories where hundreds of people have applied for a job, but there are opportunities. Companies are eager and keen to get things done.”

According to KPMG and RECS there are a host of areas where job vacancies are increasing in sectors such as manufacturing, construction, engineering and IT. Across the country, the story differs between sectors, but where there is continued consumer demand the labour market is creating roles. Yasmin backs this up, “Our role is to help people find the job that can support them and also be an asset for the company they are about to work for.”

With the demand from clients, the nature of work isn’t just skewed towards the temp job market. The Royal Mail has recently launched a recruitment drive for 33,000 Christmas temp staff. Yasmin acknowledges the opportunities for both permanent and temp roles. Yasmin says, “As we head towards the end of the year, there is a fair split between both sides. People shouldn’t think that the path has to be temporary, we have a real mix of roles.”

With Yasmin and the rest of the industrial team, there are roles to be filled continually. Yasmin closes with her advice if you are looking for that next role. “We all have to create our own opportunities. It’s a case of having the right mind-set, knowing the skills and strengths you have, as well as being flexible to what life puts your way. You may be surprised at what’s around the corner.”