The Simple Mistakes Made In The Application Process

The Simple Mistakes Made In The Application Process

Some of the team share what lets people down and eradicate any second thoughts for any recruiter and employer. Let’s help you take out any unnecessary mistakes that might slip in during the early stages.

Sally Bennett, senior consultant, has noticed something that has become more prominent over the past year, the vast amount of applications that people can sometimes forget about. Sally says, “Many people have been put into an anxious place this past year. With a sense of panic and a mass of people applying for jobs, it can mean people who have applied for many jobs can forget some of the roles they applied for, based on the volume. It has happened on more than one occasion where a candidate has said, ‘I don’t remember applying for that job!’ Be clear on what you are applying for and a focus on the roles that fit with you.”

Jaime Rana, senior consultant, continues the theme of accountability. Jaime says, “An employer or recruiter will know from an early stage if a person is ready to step into the recruitment process. For instance, coming into a video interview late with a person waiting doesn’t set a reassuring presence. I would say it pays to participate, be present and also be clear on what you want. People are keen to know about your long-term career vision. For instance, if a principal role is based hundreds of miles away from where you live, is a relocation what you really want?”

Michelle Mitchell, operations manager, brings everything back to the CV. “Sometimes the most ignored elements for people are the simplest things. When looking to build trust with people you are unfamiliar with, you have to validate your responsibility and career. Make sure there aren’t big gaps in your career, or if there are, that is fine, but have a short explanation. Your CV is not your life story, more a place to share relevant information.” 

Looking for your next job can prove to be a rewarding experience and a milestone in your life, but also recognise that many pitfalls can go against you. Always remember that making those first steps in the job application focus always comes down to skills, experience, and credibility that you can provide others, not necessarily the other way round. Confidence plays a big role and never let an oversight or complacency get in your way.