The Win-Win Of Co-Operation

The Win-Win Of Co-Operation

If you are building a relationship with a recruiter, a lot comes down to finding someone you want to work with and know that even though there may be times when your search efforts aren’t giving you the return you wanted, you’ve got someone with you.

Hiring managers throughout the country are inundated with candidates, Lauren Harris, Technical Consultant, recognises some ways where candidates can give themselves that extra lift and where communication is open. Familiarity becomes such a key trait, it’s how we get on with others in our personal lives, as well as in business.

Lauren says, “Communication has to be at the very top. The ability to nurture an ongoing relationship can become critical to a successful career. For instance, during covid times the phone calls I have with candidates branch into our daily lives. It’s a case of letting them know that the roles coming in, I have them in mind for what fits they are looking for.”

“I always say to people that it is ok to call me. People sometimes feel a bit wary of making that call. I call people even if I don’t have a role for them. We’ve all got to become comfortable to have an open conversation, even if they may sometimes be difficult.”

The recruiter represents that bridge between where you are now and where your future is heading, both short term and long term. Even if there have been updates over the past few months, it is important to share, it can support your efforts. Lauren highlights, “This could be a new qualification gained through your own studies, it could be you started a blog highlighting your expertise and passion or it could be a new skillset you have gained during 2020. There has to be a way that you make this apparent to your recruiter. You can’t take the relationship too casually, we both need to be prepared at every step.”

Maintaining relationships comes down to both sides assisting each other. A dependable recruiter is a person who understands people, industry sectors and the workplace culture. When you know the team and person who is representing you at a closer professional level, familiarity and understanding go beyond the initial job spec.

When success happens, it comes back down to being open with the recruiter who is on your side. Recruiters are a goldmine of knowledge, they know who to select from a talent pool that matches what an employer is looking for.

The type of candidate that a recruiter knows the value of spending time with is the type of person a recruiter wants to get in front of an employer. Rapport can become a win-win for everybody.