Want To Leave? Answer These Questions First

Want To Leave? Answer These Questions First

Coming to the end of the year can mean change. Let’s look at what you need to think about when it comes to leaving your current job.

It can pose many difficult questions. Everyone understands that resigning is never easy. The TeamJobs team share their advice from talking to many candidates where we become the first port of call. 

This is our advice if you know that you are about to be vocal and make a decision.

Rob Bruce, Senior Recruitment Consultant, identifies the questions you need to answer to yourself, “The first question is to know the reason why you want to leave? I say this because you don’t want to go back to a situation a few months down the line where you are back to where you originally were.”

“The question of ‘why did you leave or why are you leaving’ is part of my early conversations with candidates. Is there something that will keep you in your current role? For instance, from my experience this year, a candidate received an offer from a new company and was then offered a promotion and salary increase from their current employer. They intended to always leave based on internal politics, but the incentive to stay was too tempting. A few months down the line, they are now looking to leave as the issues that triggered their momentum to originally leave are still there.”

Lindae Fyffe, from the Recruitment Consultancy team, looks at our work lives and the companies we are a part of as a relationship. “If you are thinking of leaving, are there elements you can control? This could be salary or asking for more flexibility. The parts you cannot control relate to the culture you are a part of. For instance, do you have an overbearing boss?”

“Similar to any relationship, if you have given a lot, but not getting as much back, it can become time to move on. Even if you love your job, sometimes your job can’t love you back!”

As Richard Branson famously said, “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to.”

There is a lot to consider, but resigning the right way, starts with asking yourself the right questions and recognising what you can change and what is out of your grasp. Think through the situation you are currently in as it can make an impact on your future.

Knowing why you want to leave can give clarity on what you want and peace of mind for how you progress.